Gus Kenworthy shuts down Twitter hater in epic takedown

Out former Olympian Gus Kenworthy has snapped back at a Twitter troll who referred to his athletic ability as “utter sh*t.”

Kenworthy, who picked up the silver medal in Men’s slopestlye in the 2014 Winter Olympics, came out the following year. He’s since become an outspoken advocate of the LGBTQ community, even while competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Being open about his sexuality made him one of the few out-gay American athletes to ever compete in the Olympics. He’s also become a fixture of social media, keeping active accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

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Now Kenworthy has lashed out at an internet troll who accused him of coming out only to distract from his failing athletics. “Gus’s skiing has been utter sh*t since he made everything about being gay,” the user said. “More time on the hill, less time on your knees is probably a good start Gussy.”

Kenworthy wasted no time in shutting down the hater. “In the three-ish years since I’ve come out I’ve won the Dew Tour, the European Open, won 4X Games medals, won a Grand Prix, defended my World Champion title and qualified for my second Olympics,” Kenworthy stated. “So, I’d say the only thing that’s ‘utter sh*t’ is your fact checking…”

The Twitter user has since locked his account. Kenworthy posted a screen capture of the exchange to his Instagram story. Kenworthy recently announced that he will make his acting debut in American Horror Story Season 9.