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Happy Birthday, Whitney Houston! 5 Ways To “Celebrate” The Legendary Diva

The hardest part about losing a diva are those subtle reminders every once in a while that she’ belting, throwing tantrums and having angels fired in The Great Beyond—whether it’s a song that comes up on your iPod, an old music video on TV or, in this case, a birthday: Whitney Houston (say it softly and it basically is praying) would have been 49 years old today.

Here are a few ways to show that you will always love her.

Dance With Somebody (Who Loves You) – A singer of the highest caliber, Whit was also one of the preeminent dance-pop divas of the 20th century. Fire up some of her hair-flipping classics, grab someone—love is never a prerequisite—and dance the pain away. It’s the way she would’ve wanted it.

Wait To Exhale—The majority of the 90s saw Whitney flexing her acting muscles in The Bodyguard, The Preacher’s Wife and Waiting to Exhale. Get in touch with your inner “Queen of the Night” or your inner arsonist and “Step by Step” into a mini movie marathon.

Lip-Synch For Your Life – Who hasn’t emulated Whitney’s signature lip-quiver, arms-raising, finger-pointing, sweat-drenched style of singing as a child…or as an adult at 2 a.m. in a bar after a few too many vodka sodas? Lip-synching is the closest thing we have to a full-on seance, bringing Houston’s spirit twirling back into our lives, if only briefly.

Run To YouTube – In addition to her oeuvre of music videos, La Houston also left behind a number of amazing live performances that basically show why no other singer mattered once she opened her mouth, all available for your obsessive perusal on the YouTube.

Add A Dose Of Sparkle – Though Houston’s swan song won’t hit theaters until next week, you can listen to the soundtrack as we’ve been doing (on infinite replay) right here. And to further whet your appetite, below is some behind-the-scenes footage of the video for the movie’s first single, “Celebrate.”


Photo: Stage 6 Films

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  • Daez

    Get high and take a bath….

    Seriously, why do we even remotely eschew her as anything worthwhile when she wrecked her entire career and her entire life because deep down she was nothing more than an average crack user.

  • asa1973

    @Daez: Because even though she spent many years harming herself with drugs, she was still able to accomplish in her short lifetime more than you ever will if you live to be 100. And seriously, “deep down,” you know this.

  • Gareth

    In other news, Sharon Tate was murdered today in 1969 by the Manson ‘family’

  • Daez

    @asa1973: Funny, among her top accomplishments is spending her fortune on drugs and virtually killing herself. She has done nothing for the community at large. She has done nothing for herself. All she has managed to do is sing a few songs and act in a few movies. What else has she ever done for anyone other than herself? She allowed her mother to raise her daughter. She spent millions on meaningless drivel, and then she died from a drug overdose. If it wasn’t for her voice and her music she would be a welfare loving crack mom.

    I really, really, REALLY hope I never accomplish half of what she has because all she has accomplished is selfish acts and self-destruction.

    I hope to accomplish things that actually help people, and in that regard I’m already more accomplished than this little diva of nothingness.

  • Mac

    1) I will complete all of these by the end of the night

    2) @daez Just stop queen. If someone wants to celebrate someone else’s life, let them.

  • SteveC

    I wonder if this ‘article’ is in anyway related to the big ‘Sparkle’ advert on the site.

    Was it a requirement when the ad was placed?

  • James

    Simply the greatest voice of our lifetimes. Regardless of her personal demons you can’t ever take that away from her. Nobody on the radio today…not Adele, Christina, Beyonce, Leona or even rivals Celine and Mariah could match Whitney’s combination of power, range and technique.

  • Kyle412

    @James: @James:
    Mariah and Celine have and will continue to surpass Whitney musically. Whitney was a talent but she was a mess. Sad, but true. Celine and Mariah have many more years of making great music.

  • Allen D.

    Say what you will, but I was listening to “I Have Nothing” earlier today & was blown away by the fact that she seemed to FEEL the music that she was singing. Unlike Celine (which has always been my biggest complaint about her). It’s pretty flawless (and I wouldn’t call myself a ‘big fan’ or anything). So, good for her.

    And if Mariah & Celine have “many more years” – let’s hope they produce something with actual FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!! Worse than autotune, it’s just hollow words lacking any sort of genuine emotion.

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