Happy Endings

As you know, porn producer Bryan Charles Kocis got stabbed and torched last week, but do you know how many times he got stabbed? Twenty-eight. Yeah, someone really, really wanted him dead.

• Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton says Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell doesn’t make “sense”. Well, perhaps hubbie Bill can shed some light, dearie.

• Sure, New York Magazine may have a gay EIC and portends to write about one of the world’s most gay-friendly cities, but that doesn’t mean they give homo couples benefits. Oh no. No, no, no…

• Kenyans are gearing up for a good ol’ fashioned homo beat down. Hurray!

• If you’re looking for a laugh, head over to the AfterElton blog and watch Lisa Lampanelli‘s bit from the Pam Anderson roast. It’s seriously one of the funniest things we’ve ever heard. Although, we can’t help but ponder this censorship: “What a whore Courtney [Love] is – she’s suck a dick for a diet [bleep]”. Why?

• Toronto’s basketball team, The Raptors, have announced they’ll host a “gay day”. It’s called “Rainbow Hoops”. Clever.