• Actress JoAnne Worley fulfilled her The Drowsy Chaperone obligations and made a “special appearance” at J&R Music and Computer World yesterday. We love you Worley, but you look like a drag queen in this picture.

• Preliminary investigation begins for Larry Craig ethics hearing. Barbara Boxer says:

We are in the process of conducting a preliminary inquiry, and this stage is always closed to the public. If, at the end of the preliminary inquiry, the Ethics Committee decides to move into the adjudicatory phase, any hearings held would be public unless the committee votes to close them. But that is a decision that is made after we have completed our preliminary inquiry.

The Democrats are also reportedly worried public hearings will set a potentially embarrassing precedent.

• More evidence of Jossip editor Rebecca Aronauer’s jerky ways.

Jive Records’ lawyers sue Perez Hilton over Britney Spears tracks.

• Vancouver’s gray gays get new home.

• Jena 6 “leader” Mychal Bell sentenced to 18-months in jail.

Mitt Romney’s war on pot continues:

I believe marijuana is the gateway to drug use that is a plague to our children and a plague to our country. Medical marijuana is a Trojan horse for getting marijuana legalized.

This man needs to smoke a joint and chill.

• Jeanne Phillips aka Dear Abby on CNN on gay marriage: “I guess I just have a sense of fair play. I have some wonderful gay friends and I think they should be entitled to all the civil rights everyone else has.” Phillips also says she’s surprised she agrees with Lynne Cheney’s soft support for gay relationships, “I never thought I’d agree with the Cheneys on anything.”

• Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee doesn’t want to go hunting with Republican Vice President Dick Cheney.

NYDN rips Studio 54 revival Terrence McNally’s The Ritz.

• Trans activist Donna Rose, who quit the HRC over the ENDA debacle, wants us to support HRC:

People were looking for someone to stand up and say, ‘Our community and the self-worth of any individual part of our community is more important than the political practicality that goes into any legislation.

It’s not so much HRC’s politics that Rose appreciates, but their breadth. Obviously Rose is a size queen.

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