Happy Endings: Naked Boys

Australian athletes get naked for a cause: fighting breast cancer. And, of course, they help our testicles, too.

Hillary Clinton talks AIDS with the Evangelicals. Peter LaBarbera hopes she talks about gay bathhouses.

Uganda’s clergy blast gay rights. This is news?

Queer cartoon breaks gay ground:

Us2 LLC, headquartered in Omaha, NE has announced that it has developed the first children’s animated cartoon series starring a character with two parents of the same gender. Buddy G – My Two Moms and Me, featuring sate of the art 3-D animation, will premiere with the release of a DVD just in time for a holiday delivery this year.

So will social conservative backlash, we’re sure.

• Iranian president Mahmound Ahmadinejad gets no blogging love.

Christiane Amanpour chats about her signature safari jacket, being awesome.

• More and more companies fighting anti-gay harassment.