Happy Endings: Patricia Cornwell’s A Lesbian

• You really do learn something new everyday. Crime novelist Patricia Cornwell, whose work we’ve never read, apparently likes ladies. She liked a woman so much, in fact, she married one! Cornwell opens up to UK’s Telegraph about her wife, Dr. Staci Gruber:

I finally feel rooted somewhere. I feel a sense of responsibility and stability that I didn’t have before.

I’ve never been a soapbox person for gay rights, but now I’m in a same-sex marriage I tend to be more open, because I am outraged that it should be illegal in other states.

Looking at this picture really puts things in perspective.

• Refinery 29 gets behind our imaginary main squeeze, Thom Browne.

Barack, Babs, Oprah and Hillary get into a campaign menage-a-quatre.

• Legendary lobbyist Aubrey Sarvis goes after Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

• Homo-journo Mike Luongo heads to Iraq.

Usher reproduced.

Tom Ford looking to direct Christopher Isherwood’s A Single Man.

Kevin Federline’s influential? Huh.

Wichita high schoolers press school board on gay bullying:

A coalition of student groups Monday urged the Wichita school board to expand its anti-discrimination and harassment policies to include protection for gay and lesbian students, or those perceived to be gay or lesbian.

We believe the children are our future.

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  • hells kitchen guy

    She’s a fox. Also a very talented novelist. Creative. Smart. Beautiful.

    I hate her.

  • jude

    A while ago I remember hearing about some drama about her and an affair with a married woman. I think she’s been out for a while…


  • jules

    Patricia Cornwell gay? Whatever. And Usher’s wife just had a baby. Can you homos just stop with these rumors? Can you?

  • Nitesurf

    I thought Cornwell being a lesbian was OLD news.

  • Alexa

    It is old news. She came out back when her books were still good.

  • Butterpantz

    Old News….Cornhole’s been out for a long time but because she’s lez it’s no big deal.

  • Bonita

    I always thought she was one (before she said she was) because she talks in a deep mannish like voice.

  • Love a Good Mystery

    Read one of her books and its crap. I’m no homophobe but the homosexual undertones of the novel are so “in your face” as to be a distraction from plot… says on the cover that she won so many prizes an “book of the week” etc etc.. not sure why as the book, as stated is crap…. must be hollywood hype spreading to publishing…

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