Happy Endings: Patricia Cornwell’s A Lesbian

• You really do learn something new everyday. Crime novelist Patricia Cornwell, whose work we’ve never read, apparently likes ladies. She liked a woman so much, in fact, she married one! Cornwell opens up to UK’s Telegraph about her wife, Dr. Staci Gruber:

I finally feel rooted somewhere. I feel a sense of responsibility and stability that I didn’t have before.

I’ve never been a soapbox person for gay rights, but now I’m in a same-sex marriage I tend to be more open, because I am outraged that it should be illegal in other states.

Looking at this picture really puts things in perspective.

• Refinery 29 gets behind our imaginary main squeeze, Thom Browne.

Barack, Babs, Oprah and Hillary get into a campaign menage-a-quatre.

• Legendary lobbyist Aubrey Sarvis goes after Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

• Homo-journo Mike Luongo heads to Iraq.

Usher reproduced.

Tom Ford looking to direct Christopher Isherwood’s A Single Man.

Kevin Federline’s influential? Huh.

Wichita high schoolers press school board on gay bullying:

A coalition of student groups Monday urged the Wichita school board to expand its anti-discrimination and harassment policies to include protection for gay and lesbian students, or those perceived to be gay or lesbian.

We believe the children are our future.