Happy Endings: Ryan Barry’s ‘DNA’

• Aussie fag rag DNA currently features a well lubed Ryan Barry.

Ron Paul refuses to give up presidential fight. Until February, at least.

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor to play gay in adaptation of Steve Mcvicker’s I Love You Phillip Morris.

Married straights top partnered gays in income.

• “Rich white folks’ store” hinders Sherri Shepherd’s child smack plan.

Larry Craig helps dude ranch.

• California’s gay friendly education laws make it “like Sodom and Gomorrah”.

Hate crime charges in California bash case.

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  • Jay

    He’s got a beautiful body, but the face? He’s at that level on the beautyometer where he should have to take his pants off, too. There are lots of prettier men on http://www.bouska.net (where I first saw Ryan Barry).

  • dons888

    Oh great! Him again. If I want to see Jay Leno’s other chin, I’d turn on the TV late at night.

  • afrolito

    You bitches are just vile. Ryan is gorgeous from head to fucking toe. He’s also the new bod for Armani underwear, so take that.


  • Jay

    Compared to normal guys, yes, he’s “gorgeous from head to fucking toe.” But within the supremely, exquisitely elevated “actor and model” universe he now inhabits, he’s really just okay. He has kind of a horse face, maybe a dog face.

    There are lots and lots and lots of more beautiful men out there whose job it is simply to be beautiful, and Ryan doesn’t come close to them from the neck up.

    Two completely different sets of standards.

  • hells kitchen guy

    So who looks at the face? (That said, I think he’s handsome in a Connecticut hedge fund manager way.)

  • JD

    who’s lookin at that stud’s face? look at his package.. hello!

  • Gregg

    @Jay – Nick J? Are you kidding? Yuck.

    First of all, DNA tends to feature men, not little boys, thank god. Nick J looks like he’s still in 9th grade.

    Secondly, if you’re going to talk about beautiful faces, you can not possibly include Nick J among the most beautiful male models. Although cute, his face is absolutely average. Sorry to be harsh, but just yuck.

    Although I’d agree that Ryan Berry is a bit long in the face, he is far more classically handsome than Nick J.

  • Ash

    The whole comment thread for 8 different stories is about some half-naked dude. Ah, the deep readers of queerty.

  • mozzer13

    Deeply superficial, you mean. Of course they just MUST be all amazingly gorgeous if they are picking apart the looks of this man. That or just amazingly bitter.

  • Meeg

    I think Sherri is proof that not everybody needs to have their own talk show. If she wasn’t on the view we’d all think she was cute and fun, but since she’s been given the chance to run her mouth off every weekday now all America thinks she’s braindead.

  • Richard

    Meeg, I do agree with you — before she was on “The View,” I thought Sherri Shepherd was “cute and fun.” But she’s not braindead. If she were, she wouldn’t be dangerous. Man, is Sherri scare-i.

  • Barry

    His waist, abs and package are so Photoshopped, he looks more like the cartoon model for “Bod” bodyspray than an actual flesh-and-blood human being.

  • yogi

    Why do gay men critisize other gay men soooo freaking much and never critisize straights? You guys need to fucking get a life. He’s gorgeous. Period.

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