And Eastern Europe Got Worked Over

Happy Endings: The Day Activism Got Sexy

GLAAD may not be about gay defamation, but they’re all about male objectification. The media watch dogs have joined forces with Mega Muscle to insure your next wank helps a good cause: them. 100% of preorders of Playgirl Men of the Year Derrick Davenport and Julian Fantechi go straight to GLAAD.

Inside the steamy world of the LA’s homo-hop club scene: Most clubs have kind of a clubby atmosphere. First Fridayz LA is more of a party, a gathering, social networking and dancing to hip-hop music. We do it at non-traditional gay clubs so someone who is not in the life or [someone who is] in the life can come and experience this without being intimidated. It’s not a traditional gay club.”

• ACLU’s gay executive director Anthony D. Romero on torture.

• 20-year old former marine James Hardy pleaded guilty to strangling Raymond Catolico and then stuffing his body under a sink. Hardy’s been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

• Wondering what editor Andrew Belonsky has to say about sex, love and relationships? Well, listen to this radio interview he did with Time Out New York‘s Julia Allison.

Trannie copper Jessica needs your help in tracking down a vagina.

• Fox News loves John Travolta in Hairspray. Loves

Eastern Europe‘s one of the most homophobic places on the planet. The Guardian tries to find out why…

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  • jwfales

    Did I mention that I love Kathy Griffin?

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