Plus, More Bawdy Brits!

Happy Endings: The Day America Got Posh

Victoria Beckham‘s self-referential Victoria Beckham: Coming To America airs tonight on NBC. And apparently it’s really, really boring. The Spice Girls’ feud with Eddie Murphy, however, is not – boring, that is. Okay, it’s a little boring.

• Meanwhile, NBC took pity on ABC-lashing Isaiah Washington and offered him a spot on The Bionic Woman. Of the deal, Washington remarks, I am grateful and honored by NBC’s belief in me, and I am looking forward to getting back to work.” Enjoy your second chance, Washington, and don’t fuck it up.

• In somewhat related news, Black Entertainment Television has been getting flack for it’s new show, Hot Ghetto Mess. The Viacom-owned network says stereotypical, unflattering images of black people will spur “self-reflection”. We can’t help but wonder if gays need one, too. Oh, wait, we forgot about William Sledd and his new web show.

Elizabeth Edwards uses HRC dinner to take on Bush’s hate crime stance. Or lack thereof:

This president talks a lot about good and evil and the need to seek out evil doers. But he doesn’t seem to recognize the evil in hate crimes. The right to live without the fear of being murdered for whom we love is not a special right.

And, of course, she takes some time to stump for her husband’s campaign. Obviously he’s too pussy to do it himself.

• Former child prostitute and drug mule pens open letter to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown:

I am aware of the British expenditure which has gone towards the West’s ‘war on terror’. Gordon, imagine for one minute if only a quarter of that expenditure went towards our very own war against the ‘childhood terror’ raging across our cities.

Big Brother‘s Dustin has a penis. And it is nice.

• Who says Brits know their manners? They’ve got quite a history of being bad news – and great gossip!

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  • Rowen

    Do we honestly need to glorify and give a hand job to another damn twinky faggy bitch who thinks that his 20 years of experience of watching Too Wong Foo and being teased in his small town somehow makes him an expert on all things life. Oh, and that he’s destined to come to the Big City. Where Sex and The City was born. And Broadway.

    Can we please send him back? NYC dosen’t need another twit with a bad hair cut giving the rest of us fashion advice.

  • stonerboy711

    Posh for president! Maybe it was boring for people that are used to sitcoms with lazy/dumb husbands fighting with their bossy/no-it-all wives with added canned laughter (think “Everybody loves Raymond”). You had to use your brain to get the jokes and I’m guessing that’s why some/most people might not get it.

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