Happy Endings: The Day Elton Went Wacko

Elton John reportedly had a royal breakdown after Prince Harry and Prince William’s Concert for Diana. The singer got into with a police officer who ordered him to walk to the VIP area, rather than drive. John allegedly screamed,

Get out of my fucking way. Don’t you know who I am? I’ve been working all fucking day and I need to get to my fucking dressing room.

Obviously Sir Elton is no lady. Nor does he get special privilege: he eventually walked.

• Is Tori Spelling a heinous bitch?

Anti-gay Movement for a Better Hungary plans on protesting this weekend’s gay pride. Whee!

New Zealand gays more likely to have drug, alcohol problem. Gee, what a surprise.

Robert Traynham, the gay man who worked for anti-gay Rick Santorum, just joined former Senator Fred Thompson‘s anti-gay presidential campaign. Old habits die hard, huh?

• Portugal invited Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe for a little EU/AU summit. Unfortunately, Mugabe’s restricted from EU travel. Gay activist Peter Tatchell thinks they should host him anyway, then arrest him:

While Zimbabwe burns, and millions starve, Mugabe will be wined and dined by the Portuguese president, Aníbal António Cavaco Silva, and received by other African and European heads of state. What is the point in having an EU travel ban if it is not enforced? Nearly every time Mugabe wants to come to Europe, the EU caves in and agrees to waive its ban.

Portugal’s invitation is an insult to the many victims of his murderous regime, especially to black Zimbabweans who once looked to Mugabe as a liberator but who are now the main victims of his slaughterhouse. They don’t want him feted. They want him arrested and put on trial.

Too bad Portugal ain’t listening to reason – they’re trying to dodge a bullet by having the African Union invite Mugabe, instead.

• Put Paris Hilton in your butt!!

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