Happy Endings: The Happy Huck Family!

• Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and his – um, charming – family took this picture when the politico was Arkansas’ governor. Ain’t it sweet?

Ryan White’s mother talks more about talking to Mike Huckabee.

What’s wrong with Tom Cruise?

The heat is on at La Mama!

• Six guilty of being gay in Morocco. Human Rights Watch calls for reversal.

New Zealand’s soon-to-be deflowered flamers know what’s up: condom use.

• Who will host 2014 Gay Games? Not Iran, we’re assuming.

California Baptists ramp up anti-gay marriage activism.

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  • afrolito

    What a bunch of fat fucks!

    Obese people should totally be quarantined.

  • kel777

    These dorks need to be quarantined immediately! God, LOOK at these people!!!!!

  • B

    So that’s what they do with old circus tents! How clever!

  • Mike

    WTF??! Are those elbow pads on his button up??

    Both his sons look like Louie Anderson

  • Que?

    The Baptists are spending A MILLION DOLLARS to collect signatures opposing “gay marriage” (their quotation marks, not mine).
    Jesus, I can’t think of anything else those Godly church folk could do with A MILLION DOLLARS!

  • abelincoln

    It’s not nice to make fun (in public) of people who are obese… but in this case I’ll make an exception for myself.

    Doesn’t he know that gluttony is one of the seven original sins? Typical ala carte xtian.

    This guy is very scary (so’s his family).

  • Bill Perdue

    The perfect exmple of how gene pools are corrupted. Devolution explained.

  • Robert-Chicago

    If this is what happens when you allow straight marriage, I’m now against it.

  • hells kitchen guy

    If only they had given some of that food to the Morning Goods.

  • Jack Jett

    So much for the stripes are sliming theory and my heart goes out to the dog because you know he is the last to get to the gravy train.

    Don’t they all look like the fuck each other?

  • Ash

    Wow, fat people, what a crazy, crazy scandal. Jesus Christ, grow up.

  • beefy

    tweedle dee, tweedle dumb, tweedle dad, tweedle teased hair and tweedle tweener.

  • spunkbox

    We cannot allow these people anywhere near the White House. They’ll eat it.

  • cjc

    Wait, California has Baptists? I thought they were all centered around here down in Dumbfuckistan (certain state south of the Mason-Dixon line).

  • hells kitchen guy

    Being fat is probably the worst of the 7 deadly sins because it’s the one you can’t hide.

  • Alexa

    Making fun of someone because they’re fat is no better than making fun of someone because they’re gay. Pick on his awful opinions and his policies, but why make fun of him – and his family, who we know nothing about – for his appearance, especially something so hard to do anything about? Even if it’s just for any other overweight people reading. Speaking as someone who used to be very heavy, hearing fat jokes about ANYONE hurt a lot, and sent me into fits of depression which usually ended in me eating even more and getting even fatter.

  • ProfessorVP

    Mike Huckabee went on a well-publicized diet and exercise regimen since this photo was taken, and lost at least 100 pounds. Unfortunately, he hasn’t lost his hatred and ignorance, nor his belief that the US is a theocracy. The least important thing about Huckabee was his fat ass, but of course, that’s the easiest thing to pick on, and some people always take the easy way out.

  • todd

    “The preservation of health is a duty. Few seem conscious that there is such a thing as physical morality.” Herbert Spencer. According to her book, ABC – Marlene Dietrich cheered when she read this quote…

  • jordanboston

    Wow, thank God for the dog.

  • Shawn

    Those matching his and hers shirts are just so precious, aren’t they? I’m surprised they didn’t dress the dog in one.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Fat people make me nervous. I know it’s wrong, but there it is.

  • Matt in Boston

    The vertical stripe theory only works if you don’t have multiple donut rolls hanging all around your waist ballooning the shirt that is trying to hide your fat.

  • Matt in Boston

    Keep feeding that oral fixation!

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