Happy Endings: This Kid Is Awesome!

• A 16-year old Australian got into big trouble after throwing a rager at his parents’ home. Despite the fact that his parents hate his guts and he owes coppers $20,000, the kids has absolutely no contrition. When asked if he has advice for other kids who want to follow suit, he replies: “Have me do it.” Why? “Because it was the best party”. Sweet!

We want the Macbook Air.

Orlando Jones to play gay. Yay!

DJ Jared Abbott loves living in Madrid, being in style.

Morocco upholds conviction for six “gay” men.

• Still basking in her $925 million sale of Oxygen to NBC Universal, Oprah announced a new Discovery venture: the Oprah Winfrey Network. Why don’t they just rename earth “Oprah”?

• Will America ever be ready to offer all-inclusive rights? Don’t hold your breath.

Israeli homos heart the internet!

• Is Katie Couric insane? Behind the scenes video says “yes”!

Fabio rehashes George Clooney bitch fight.

Latvian legislator’s assistant guilty of throwing feces at gay pride.

Rosie O’Donnell overestimates Britney Spears‘ importance, legacy:

Rosie O’Donnell — who once offered up her home to Britney Spears — is now comparing Britney’s fate to Princess Diana’s, calling her pap-tourage a “mob of stalkers” and saying that she’s just “inches” from disaster.

Oh, please! Spears crossed disaster loooong ago…

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  • Eminent Victorian

    I’m with the Aussie kid. “I’ll tell you why I’m not taking off my glasses and making an adult decision to apologize: I’m not an adult!”
    Ugh, what snotty reporter. She’d fit right in stateside.

  • ousslander

    Puhleeze, the kid didn’t take the glasses off because he was stoned. He’s burn out who his parents should throw out or in jail. Yet another waste of life.
    God when did I turn into my parents.

  • Jin

    OMG I didn’t know Australian newsanchors were so parochial.

    ‘Why did you do it?’
    ‘Because my fucking parents left a 16-year old boy in charge of the house while they went for a nice holiday in Phuket.’

    The parents deserve that $20k fine.

  • Scott

    Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and side with Jin to an extent here. Can you really look at that kid and think “Yeah. You’re intelligent and trustworthy. Stay by yourself”?

    I wouldn’t leave him in a room alone for 10 minutes, let alone an abandoned house for enough time for it to burn.

  • alan brickman

    It’s not for her to decide if he should apologize she’s a total bitch and he knew it… reporters shouldn’t act that way…

  • Adam

    That kid was arrested today on charges of producing child pornography.

  • Eminent Victorian

    And your source for that tidbit is what?

  • amvanman

    I love that kid! He has a good strong sense of himself and He did not let that bleached blonde c*nt wear him down! This is the kind of kid that will grow up and achieve something big in his live, because right or wrong, he threw a great party and he know it. He’s gotten the attention and admiration of his peers and will go down a legend in the history books. A $20k success I would say!

  • Mikey

    I didn’t like what the reporter had to say. I don’t think it’s very adult or mature that she has dyed-blond hair, tons of make up, and a skin-tight, plunge-neckline shirt. I hate how news people perpetuate stupid ideas of female beauty, and then all the men in news tend to be old and ugly. It’s really old fashioned and annoying. I’d like to see some real people be newscasters for a change. If that woman wasn’t such a typical newscaster I might forgive her idiot banter to the party kid. The kid has a point, he stayed inside, he didn’t do any of the damage. He shouldn’t be fined, because it was his parents’ house and therefore their responsibility to make sure this type of thing didn’t happen.

  • Ryan

    He has been charged with producing child porn according to the Australian media. However, I think this is probably more of a girls gone wild kind of video taken of his 16 year old party-goers (and he is 16 too) than out-and-out child porn.

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