Happy ‘You Can Visit Your Dying Partner In ICU’ Day!

Boy is today a perfect time to fall ill! Because President Obama’s new hospital visitation rules, which require any medical facility plugged in to Medicare and Medicaid (read: almost all of them) to grant same-sex couples the same rights as married breeders, take effect today. I know you’re going to be too busy celebrating that you’ll forget your employer’s shared health care benefits that are paying for your partner’s emergency room visit are still taxed like you have no relationship at all. Oh happy day!

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  • MonereMonae

    Baby steps, baby steps…

  • Hamburglar

    Not that I’m complaining or anything, but the “patient” in the photo looks plenty healthy to me :)

  • MikeE

    There’s one thing I DO object to in this article:

    sure, celebrate a baby step…
    but do you HAVE to call heterosexuals “breeders”?

    yeah, straight people can’t call us faggots or any other number of invective, but the writers at Queerty continuously refer to heterosexuals as “breeders”, and not to put too blunt a point on it, that is AS offensive as any anti-gay slur our enemies might use.

  • David

    Two things. My partner died in the intensive care unit at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago last year. NW was absolutely wonderful to me and my partner. We did have all the proper legal documents, but they never even asked for them, until I had to show them to have his body released into my care. They took our word for it all. If I had demanded things to be different, they would have listened to me, and they included me in all aspects of his care. I am so thankful that I was by his side when he passed away. I know many people don’t have that chance, which is so sad, but I hope this new regulation solves that injustice.

    Secondly, I don’t see how “breeder” is nearly as hateful as fagot! Are you from a different planet? I’ve never NEVER heard a straight person called a breeder in hate. “HEY BREEDER!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!” Nope…never heard that. In fact, I think that only gays call straights breeders and it’s usually not in “hate.”

  • Palto

    Stop whining MikeE you have it all. Show me an article of someone being called a breeder while being killed, stabbed or punched in the face.

  • Palto

    Sorry that should read ‘they’ instead of ‘you’.

  • Jaroslaw

    OK, let’s be fair. Breeder is not said in kindness but it does in my mind anyway, call attention to the fact that most people think that because they have children, the world should revolve around them. (I have seen this attitude of privilege over and over while waiting in line.) THEY are normal, THEY are doing something useful like reproducing, (and the growing in popularity) BUT I AM a single parent (so therefore I am due even more consideration) ignoring the fact most of the time that was their choice to be a single parent.

    But…I agree with others that Breeder doesn’t come close to the same level as the hateful “faggot.” And no, no one I know has ever been called “Breeder” and then punched in the face.

    NOW WHO is the hot doc & patient? I want that movie. Seriously. If anyone knows please post…..

  • neoboi


    i’ve yelled breeder in hate once, and regret it……

  • Cheese

    @Jaroslaw: No clue who the patient is, but the doctor is Dr. Frank Spinelli. His practice is somewhere in New York… meaning I need to move to New York.

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