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Harry Reid To Sharron Angle On DADT: It’s As If You Have No Idea What Happens On Capitol Hill

During last night’s Nevada Senate debate between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle, America’s most pleasant political hopeful, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was just one of many opportunities for the incumbent to call his challenger a moron.

Asked her views on DADT, Angle says: “The policies within the military, especially this one are under review right now. And we should be waiting for the review of our military to make those decisions, not jumping ahead and making those decisions as Senator Reid tried to do when he put a provision of that provision in the defense bill. We and here in Nevada have been very careful to define marriage as between a man and a woman through two general elections. Over 70% of the population has voted to define marriage as between a man and a woman. I support what Nevada has done and I will represent our constituents on that basis.”

Responded Reid: Uh, shut up lady.