This is what is so sad about Grindr, and now it applies to Blendr (by the way, what’s with the aversion to vowels?) as well. This is what makes Grindr and the people who rely on it so depressingly mundane. Knowing who in your immediate proximity is similar to you or who is “hot” isn’t exciting; it’s boring. Because if you need a phone to tell you what you need to know about someone as opposed to having the actual person who is 50 feet away tell you themselves using verbal communication (German or otherwise), you’re a pussy. A lazy pussy. And to those who tout the convenience and technological wonder of apps like Grindr and how it is “the way things are” now, I would simply say that there is much more wonder–not to mention potential character-building humiliation–in actually physically approaching someone who you think looks interesting and saying “Hello” without knowing a single thing about them beforehand.

– The Sword’s Zachary Sire, examining the claims of Grindr founder Joel Simkhai, who calls Blendr a site where people can “find new friends” and not just get laid. (link NSFW)

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