Influencer Kenny Screven and his fiancé, Rob, recently spoke to Pink News about reactions to their relationship and some of the challenges they face as a queer interracial couple.

The two met in 2017. They got engaged in late 2022 when Rob popped the question just before Kenny’s birthday. Their adorable proposal video went viral at the time. 💍

Kenny, who often posts makeup reviews to TikTok, is usually femme in his appearance. Meanwhile, Rob is more traditionally masc and works in a hospital.

Kenny, who is Black, says he sometimes receives hateful comments from trolls online, both for being in an interracial relationship and for his appearance.

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“From my experience being in an interracial relationship, it can be difficult but I feel it mostly depends on how I’m presenting,” Kenny reflects.

“If I’m more feminine presenting and I’m wearing makeup more in public, I feel it signals to people that we’re probably together, versus when I’m not wearing makeup people may think we’re just best friends hanging out.”

“Some people support [us as a couple] and say they don’t see love as color, or love has no color. Some people think it’s a fetish thing.”

Kenny says he sometimes feels attacked because some people, “I think a lot of the mean people on social media attack my feminine side because they don’t believe gay, Black, feminine guys should have love”.

“If it’s not your relationship, why do you care?”

He says that as a feminine gay man, he’s experienced people fetishizing that aspect of his personality, or simply looking down on him. He also says he can slip between expressing his masculine and feminine sides. What makes his relationship with Rob work so well is that he embraces the whole of Kenny.

We love to see a happy queer couple succeeding and make an impact in the world by simply being their authentic selves. We can’t wait to watch these two walk down the aisle! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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