He-Man Is Dragged Out Of The Closet

Even if He-Man action figures had more staying power than the cartoon that went with them, there is some magic in that old, budget animation. While the action figures can take on whatever personality traits their owner desired (and we desired for He-Man to lie in various baroque poses on the floor of our bedroom), the cartoon injected a very specific idea of masculinity into the characters that no little kid could muster on their own.

Adam He-Man

He-Man’s alter-ego is a lavender-tights-wearing pansy who tranforms into the ultimate tan fitness god: a man who isn’t afraid to say “I’d like to hear more about this hooded seed-man of yours!” Perhaps it titillated our six-year-old self enough to keep us watching, or maybe there were just so many action figures to collect that our compulsive tendencies arose even at that young age.

We haven’t seen a He-Man cartoon in many years, but Slate explores what it’s like for the most devout fan to revisit his beloved fantasy world more than twenty years later and realize something shocking: He-Man is totally gay.

By the Power of Grayskull! [Slate]

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  • greg

    You are stupid as hell…How the fuck can a cartoon character be gay? You must be gay for thinkin something that stupid…

  • abe

    after watching a few episodes as a grown folk, i started to realize he-man was gay. lets look at some of the names on the show.

    Ram-Man- Sound homo to me
    Mantenna- Sound like something used in a joke about gays
    Tung Lashor- well not as homo lets say 1/2 gay
    Extendor- add the toy was a black man.
    Beast Man- Him and Skeletor had some weird scripts together
    And last but not least
    Fisto- Now he looks like someone from the Blue Oyster from Police Academy
    Jay and Silent Bob had a reference to him in their movie Cock Knocker.
    And to note their were only 4 women in the show Teela, Evil-Lynn(evlyn), She-Ra and the Sorceress. why didn’t He-man have more women on the show. and Oriko was gay for some reason.

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