Heidi Does Ellen

At first we were angry to hear that lesbian funny lady Ellen DeGeneres allowed Heidi Montag to grace her famed stage. Then DeGeneres redeemed herself by admitted she doesn’t watch The Hills, which makes her one of about a dozen people left on this planet who have televisual standards.

Watch as Montag talks about her nemesis, Lauren Conrad, her totally vile boyfriend and paving the way for her father’s ascension from hell…

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  • j.

    Heidi Montag is the most annoying waste of space I’ve seen in a while. I refuse to ever watch the hills…if it has her face on it, I just won’t. Maybe I’d bang her if she didn’t have a face….maybe.

    Check out my new blog that deals more in-depth with these ever-important topics…totally gay, total celebrity rip.


  • foofyjim

    I also do not watch the Hills, nor do I know who Heidi Montag is. If these reality tv shows suck so bad, why do you people keep watching?

  • Oh.No...

    You know what it means when Ellen admits she’s never seen your show? It means that none of her writers, researchers, assistants or assistants’ assistants who fill her in on this stuff for a living have ever seen it, either.


  • Alex Sarmiento

    I’m bored with Ellen DeGeneres. I miss the “Phone Call To God” Ellen, the “Puppy Episode” Ellen, even the “Anne Heche” Ellen. Now, she’s reduced to dancing like a fool on network television and kissing the ass of everyone on her damn talk show, even that cunt Heidi Montag. “The Hills” is just another reason to hate white people.

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