Gay Rights March

Did you get your invitation to decide whether you wanted the gay rights movement to march on Washington? No? Doesn’t matter! You’re still invited this fall to take to the National Mall in D.C. and demand your rights.

Amidst complains from grassroots LGBT organizers like Michael Petrelis that the “new” stab at calling for civil rights is eerily familiar to the failed No On Prop 8 effort — were top-down leadership and closed door meetings helped lead to the end of same-sex marriage in California — the Courage Campaign’s Rick Jacobs and Torie Osborn and activists including Cleve Jones (pictured, at the Utah Pride Festival yesterday ) and Corey Johnson are moving ahead with plans for an October march. Yes, these folks are the same ones who planned October 10-11 as their march date on the National Mall, despite the National Mall, um, already being booked by three other organizations (with attendance there already expected at 135,000).

So maybe we’ll see you in Washington sometime this fall? Indeed, go where you’re told! Adds a clearly enraged Petrelis: “We’ve had no open meetings with march organizers, they’ve announced no plans for such meetings, it’s been decided we’re going to DC, the date for it, the route of the parade, our single demand, and how the organizing committee will supposedly be structured. I guess the only thing left for me, and thousands of other LGBT persons, to do is to get our poor asses to DC in October and be ready to act as spear-carriers in the grand opera being planned by our elite leaders.”

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