John Aravosis of AmericaBlog notes that that the latest episode of the very gay musical series Glee featured characters ringing “Salvation Army Christmas bells on a city sidewalk as a symbol of the true meaning of Christmas: caring about and for your fellow man—except that the Salvation Army doesn’t care at all about your fellow man or woman if they happen to be gay.”

While we’re not sure how Glee missed the memo on the Salvation Army’s long history of discrimination and lobbying for anti-gay causes, but that doesn’t mean that we LGBTs can’t still put something in S.A.’s red kettles this holiday season.

Aravosis also provided these vouchers from the depths of his hard drive. You can print them up and stuff them in some red S.A. kettles as a reminder of why no one should give to their cause. The voucher reads:

This holiday season I am supporting organization that do not discriminate in any way against people based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other reason.

I will NOT donate to the Salvation Army, and will instead give to other charities, until the Salvation Army stops discriminating against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in hiring, firing and promotion, and in the provision of benefits.

The voucher also has a 2001 Washington Post quote from senior Salvation Army official George Hood claiming that though his organization never discriminates, hiring gay employees would “really begin to chew away at the theological fabric of who we are.”

Chew away on these, bell ringers.

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