Here’s Three Fabulous Looks For Ruben Diaz’s Drag Debut At NYC’s AIDS Walk

Oooh Gurl! New York Senator Ruben Diaz probably fell right out of his seat when he found out that instead of attending his anti-gay rally this Sunday he’d show up at NYC’s AIDS Walk in drag . Of course, the actual Ruben Diaz won’t be there—Queer Rising will simply have a drag queen cardboard cutout of Diaz “replete with ‘fabulous costume changes'” so people can pay $1.00 to take a photo. But still, homegirl will wanna look fierce for her drag debut, so here’s three killer looks Ms. Diaz that will feature you at your best.
Mr. Diaz already has a reputation for being a wily spitfire evangelical, so why not compliment that reputation by wrangling him up some cowgirl duds? After all, he’s already got the hat and the attitude. Simply play some Chely Wright in the background and add two oiled-up ranch hands and the fellas will just a’line up to do-si-do with this Buckin’ Bronx beauty!
Born in Puerto Rico, Diaz already has the spicy Latin flavor to pull off a hot South Florida look! Just grab him a strapless tropical-colored cocktail dress, some cha-cha heels, and a couple of Cubans and he’ll be ready to set the town en fuego! Come on shake your body Diaz, do the conga. We know you can’t control your hatin’ any longer! This is probably the best Photoshopped image we have ever created ever.


What better way to prove your status as New York royalty then to come into Manhattan dressed as the baddest queen there is? That’s right—Diaz can rock the runway dressed like Starbooty, Supermodel of the World! Fans of RuPaul will queue up just for the camp value and the half-blind may even mistake him for the genuine article. Plus, when he’s done he’ll have one fabulous wig and lots of stories sure to horrify his anti-gay constituents! Bring me my girls!

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  • Scott Cocktail

    I know you probably just have generic ad buy spaces. But it is amusing to see MayDay for Marriage 300×250 banners running next to Diaz in drag on your site!

  • ewe

    Anyone with a religious title should be barred from running for political office that requires them to represent all the people.

  • DarSco

    LOLOL That is soooo Effen funny! did yall kno he has a GAY Brother and his son is a HOTTIE lol

  • Rich Murray

    I am celebrating his

    Nerve and

    Rev. Sen. Diaz is the best woman who will win!

  • UWSguy

    LOL @Rich Murray

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