Here’s What You Need to Know About Robert Wone’s Slaying

The now three-year-old murder mystery that is the D.C. slaying of Robert Wone remains unsolved, and the three men suspected of killing him have yet to stand trial. Wone’s murder — at the hands of housemates and lovers Victor Zaborsky , Joseph Price, and Dylan Ward, if you believe investigators — will one day be turned into a movie script, or at least a Law & Order episode. But for now, in addition to a highly devoted blog (helmed by these guys), Wone’s murder lies in the hands of the first of an excellent two-part series from Paul Duggan in the Washington Post. Not much new news here, but if you’ve had a hard time keeping up with every development in this disturbingly fascinating tale — of electro-torture sex and polyamorous relationships and a gruesome murder inside the capital’s gay upper crust — it’s a worthy read.