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  • Woof

    Yeppers they have. Andy Cohen was on the list either last year or the year before.

  • galefan2004

    He is definitely worthy of the praise. It is kind of ironic that the hottest man in America is rumored to have enjoyed carnal knowledge of one of his very hot male co-stars. Wait till his career winds down and he needs publicity. Then he will either come out or marry a 20 year old woman at age 40. This remind you of anyone? Does the church of Scientology have an official stance on gay marriage?

  • Bitch, please!

    At least this guy is actually good looking. But I have no clue what is the attraction for Rob Pattinson? The guy looks just a tad better than a crack smoker on any street corner in NYC.

  • Sal

    Yuck. Too fake looking.

  • Duane

    What difference does it make if they have an openly gay person in their or not?

  • Kristian Monday

    Dave Koz was on the list a couple of years ago.

  • Marius

    A moment of silliness:

    I hope this honor doesn’t inflate his ego to the point that he becomes insufferable on the set of the “Footloose” remake.

    I don’t know. The idea that Zac Efron turned down the part and Chace jumped at it somehow makes him less hot. Does this movie even have to be remade?

    Anyway, congratulations are in order for the hot bachelor thing.

  • dgz

    um, there are gay rumors about every actor, except maybe jeremy piven. doesn’t make them true.

  • Closet

    @dgz: There is “he’s straight” PR or even fauxmance PR about every closeted gay actor.

    Doesn’t make them true.

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