Hillary Clinton Says She Got Into Shouting Matches With Russian Officials About Their Homophobia

Hillary Clinton Would you want to get into a shouting match with Hillary Clinton? Apparently, if you’re a homophobe, you might.

Appearing in Chicago to promote her new book, Hard Choices, the former Secretary of State spoke at some length about global homophobia, not least of all in Russia. According to Clinton, some countries “are just cynical” when it comes to LGBT oppression, most of all Russia.

Clinton said that “what Putin’s doing in Russia with all these laws against the LGBT community… is just a cynical political ploy.” Even more surprising, is how Clinton reacted to it: “I’ve gotten into shouting matches with top Russian officials.” Unfortunately, she didn’t provide names, although Putin has made his disdain for Clinton well known. 

Clinton made her comments in the context of a broader discussion about LGBT oppression. She said that she came to realize as Secretary of State that there was an “increasing backlash” against LGBT people. That led her to deliver her famous speech in Geneva in 2011, in which she declared that “gay rights are human rights.”

“I began to vigorously protest with governments in many parts of the world,” she said. Some countries just need to be “brought along.” Russia, of course, is a case unto itself.

The fight isn’t over, says Clinton. “We have a long way to go, I don’t want to mislead anybody,” she said. “This is going to be an ongoing struggle and the United States must be on the front lines.”

Of course, no fair speculating on who the next commander-in-chief might be for that particular battle. We’ll have to wait a while longer for that inevitable campaign announcement.


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  • Mezaien

    Go for it GIRL! unlike some others gays mother S.R.E.K.C.U.F who are with the “Pee Farty” yes they are and should be exterminated like all the others. Mrs, Hillary Clinton, you are the only one who can do it.

  • Cam

    I do remember that she undid the anti-gay policies at state before the administration did anything, so I have liked her behavior towards LGBT’s when she has been in power.

    Countdown to a few of the usual people (Or the same person with more than one screename) coming in here screaming about Hillary and the Dems being anti-gay, but of course if you mention any anti-gay issues from the GOP they desperately try to pain the GOP as victims of gay bullying.

    Countdown 5…..4…..3…..2…..

  • topshelf

    If you think she’s interested in gay rights, you’re delusional.

  • Cam


    That’s fine, then please back up your assertion. I specifically pointed out an action she took at State that I liked. If you want to argue that she is not good for gay rights at this point please explain why. Otherwise you just sound suspiciously like those who constantly come in here to derail the conversation.

  • Andrew

    @Cam: @Cam: Didn’t take long, did it?!

  • raulinmiami

    Is there video of this shouting match? That should make for must-see-TV

  • Cam


    LOL! It never does.

  • Cam


    Actually nobody said she was a fearless defender.

    But what all of you guys ALWAYS leave out is what the folks on the other side running against her are like.

    If she supports gay rights now, and the people running against her all want to outlaw gay marriage, have gays fired from their jobs, and not be able to adopt then guess what. Clinton wins.

  • James Hart

    @topshelf: Hillary only NOW supports gay marriage, like Barack, because it’s politically expedient.

  • James Hart

    @Cam: Cam, I’m an INTELLECTUALLY HONEST Democrat. I call out the phonies from BOTH parties. And Hillary is one of them, although I supported her in 2008, when EVERYONE running for President was anti-gay marriage, including Barack.

  • DarkZephyr

    @fagburn: You care about “Queers”? Since when?

  • Cam

    @James Hart:

    My issue is, it’s irrelevant, she supports it now and any GOP opponent who will run against her as far as we can tell will oppose gay rights. So for me, her jumping on the bandwagon late is still better than the people who are opposed to it.

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