Hollywood’s Newest “Beard”: Reese Witherspoon

America’s sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon, has signed up for the new comedy The Beard, where she’ll play the faux girlfriend of a gay man.

It can’t be worse than This Means War.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Witherspoon will also produce the film, along with Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping and Mason Novick. The script is from first-time screenwriter Becca Greene.

Witherspoon is aces with romantic comedies but we can’t help thinking Renée Zellweger might bring something extra to the role, y’know?

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  • Everything for Publicity and Money

    Reese Witherspoon is disgusting human being,

    but she knows about bearding too – Jake Gyllenhaal wasn’t her only gay “boyfriend”.

  • HM

    Now I REALLY want to see the hidden “54” Directors Cut. Maybe Ryan Phillippe got a little too into the gay scenes.

  • IzzyLuna

    Renee Zellweger? Are you kidding me? Reece is gonna rock it.

  • David

    I agree everything for money Jake G is gay and closeted.

    Ryan Phillippe is also gay and closeted.

  • Mark

    @Everything for Publicity and Money: disgusting human being?? Pray tell, why do you think such a thing?? It’s rather hateful to make a blanket statement like your without a good reason to say it, don’t you think?

  • John

    Can somebody please provide non-anecdotal, actual, factual, black-on-white evidence, that Jake Gyllenhaal is gay, cause’ I’ve never seen or heard anything that makes this a undeniable fact. And no, pictures or videos of him hugging it out with a buddy, smiling at another man, being naked with celebrity friends, sitting in a car with another man, being friends with woman who he’s not sleeping with, singing disco songs, being flamboyant, or playing a gay character in a movie or on stage, DO NOT COUNT. If those things make a man gay, then 60-70 percent of my male friends are closeted homosexuals.
    It’s a wonder to me how someone as famous an sought after by both men and women as Gyllenhaal, would keep a secret of this magnitude away from the paparazzi, let alone the hundreds of people with cellphones who are walking around his neighborhood. He would literally be closing down the blinds in some room every time he’s getting it on with a guy. No man as (seemingly) self-confident as Jake would live such a fucked-up life.

  • Cam

    Wow, Reece has always come off a little brittle and severe to me, but a Disgusting human being? Wow. You may want to provide a link or something to back that one up.

  • Chopsie

    What happened to the Peggy Lee biopic?

  • Analog

    @John: There’s a lot of money resting on Jake staying in the closet and the media outlets who make a lot of money in turn from film studios and their stars and who pay the paparazzi have no interest in outing him.
    It’s been that way since the beginning of Hollywood.
    If you think it’s impossible for someone that famous to stay in the closet then you have to believe that there are no gay movie stars in Hollywood as the vast, vast majority of them are apparently straight… well, no, of course they aren’t. Some (many?) are gay, but they remain – quite comfortably – in the closet.
    Sad, but true…

  • boring

    “Witherspoon is aces with romantic comedies?” Sounds like somebody hasn’t seen a little movie called Freeway.

    A.K.A. The best movie ever made to feature Reese Witherspoon shanking a prison guard with a knife made out of a toothbrush.

  • Cam


    I forgot about that movie! Great film!

  • topsyturvy

    She bought the film rights to GONE GIRL and I think she’ll be great as Amy … the character is much closer to Tracy Flick (ELECTION) than Elle Woods and the other toothless romcom tripe she’s been doing.

  • michael

    I’m surprised the part didn’t go to Taylor Swift.

  • Production Assistant

    You all know that Reese’s 2 husband is gay/bi right? The agent from CAA? Ryan absolutely NOT, Jake on the other remains to be seen! Reese is very very difficult to work with/for. I think her best choice now is to stay behind the camera and not in front of it, but that will probably not happen as you can see from all these projects she continues to do. That’s Hollywood!

  • Nat

    “Can somebody please provide non-anecdotal, actual, factual, black-on-white evidence, that Jake Gyllenhaal is gay, cause’ I’ve never seen or heard anything that makes this a undeniable fact.”

    Obviously you haven’t. If there was an incontrovertible fact, there would be no discussion. And that may be your standard. But then, you could apply that exact same standard to many now out gay actors. The entire concept of the beard – which has considerable historical/factual basis – demonstrates the lengths to which stars are managed, either directly by their own people, or by the studio.

    Ultimately, the simple fact is that there is a significant percentage of stars who remain closeted. And when someone has a string of relationships that fail for strange reasons, or evaporate into the ether when there’s not a movie to promote, then you’re going to provoke suspicions.

    When you have blind items that are clearly about you – even if completely false – you’re going to provoke suspicions. The blind item works – regardless of its veracity – because it caters to a particular instinct that people have. Long before Travolta’s public facade started breaking down, people in Hollywood were talking, even when he had Scientology at its height backing him.

  • Lifer

    Let’s see – Ryan P., Jake G., Agent Hubby, & now hiding RPutz in the guest house. She’s got this, bearding is in her blood.

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