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Homeland Security Doesn’t Care If Henry Velandia Married An American

Wedding announcement impaired couple Greg Gould and Aurelio Tiné aren’t the only U.S.-Venezuela binational pair facing deportation because their marriages are invalid in the eyes of the federal government. So too are Henry Velandia and Josh Vandiver, whose Connecticut marriage license is no match for the Defense of Marriage Act and Henry’s foreign citizenship. Henry applied for a work visa through his employer — but only after his visitor’s visa expired. Their only hope: Delay the deportation process until the Supreme Court can knock down DOMA. [My Fox NY]

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  • Lavi Soloway

    It’s not a coincidence that we are hearing about these binational couples. They are all part of the “STOP THE DEPORTATIONS: THE DOMA PROJECT” fighting deportations and the discriminatory impact of DOMA.
    Please see for more information.
    Lavi Soloway

  • Kalbo

    Once DOMA is struck down as unconstitutional, I think us binationals particularly are owed some form of reparations from the U.S. gov’t for the denial of justice caused because of this law. I’ve spent way more than I otherwise would have to essentially support two households and a lot of traveling, not to mention the emotional distress of being forced apart for most of the year. It’s not right. The executive and legislative branched failed to honor their oaths to uphold the constitution, and I strongly believe that they need to be made to pay for their treason. While it would help us recoup financially, it’d also be a symbolic gesture that they were wrong all along.

  • Markie-Mark

    @Kalbo: Sorry to hear it. The appeal(s) could drag on for years. DoMA is clearly unconstitutional and I am very angry that Obama appealed this ruling. In fact I swear I will never vote for a democrat every again because of that bigot.

  • TimBo

    Sad to hear my partner who is Columbian and I married back in August, we are luckier cause in Canada Marriage between gays was passed on a federal level, protecting all same sex unions.

    As long as I agree to support him for 3 years, so he cannot claim unemployment etc there is not so much an issue. Also it still allows him to work etc.

    It is a shame that all gays in the US cannot push for a federal law this would make it easier for each state to be forced into accepting the issue.

    I hope for their sake that it can be resolved.

  • tjr101

    It all come down to whether Justice Kennedy believes DOMA to be unconstitutional. Kennedy is the deciding factor, not one of the supreme court’s four extremist conservatives will strike this down.

  • alan brickman

    Why did Obama do this???

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