Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.25.25 PMOh, sure, we have marriage in 36 states, and soon in the rest of them. But the enemies of equality aren’t going to just give up. Incredibly, they’re still fighting against marriage, even in states where they lost months ago.

It doesn’t matter to our opponents if marriage has been the law of the land for months, or for just a few days, or if bans are still in place — no matter what, they’re scrambling for any tactic they can think of the make our lives difficult.

Take Idaho, for example, please. Governor Butch Otter (yes, yes, everyone laugh at his silly name) just asked the U.S. Supreme Court to consider overturning marriage in his state, pretty please. Of course, the Supreme Court will do nothing of the sort — they are far too busy with actual cases from serious people. So all that Butch is accomplishing is throwing red meat to his homophobic base, and also throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars into a garbage disposal.

But far more troubling is the tactic employed in Indiana and Texas. There, legislators are crafting laws that will make it easier for them to discriminate. They know they can’t win on marriage, so they’ll just have to settle for severely inconveniencing everyone.

The Indiana bill is the same turn-away-the-gays nonsense we’ve seen in other states, but the Texas one is even worse. It would do all kinds of rotten things, including revoking the salary and pension of government employees who participate in marrying gay and lesbian couples. It’s bad enough that Texas wants to attack our families, but dragging public employees into fight and punishing them for doing their job is just loathsome.


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