Homophobes Say The Darndest Things: Where Hate Speech Meets Free Speech

The homophobes seem to be getting particularly mouthy of late. Here’s three news items from across North America:

*After paramedic Kevin Kennedy posted Web messages calling homosexuality a perversion and saying that two gay co-workers should “crawl back into the closet,” the Nashville Fire Department suspended him for two months.

*Fourteen-year-old Fort Worth student Dakota Ary told a friend in German class he thought homosexuality was wrong. The school suspended him for two days.

*During a weekly Mass service, Canadian priest Rev. Donat Gionet compared “evil” gay Pride parades to abortion and 9/11 and has been barred from performing future sermons.

Was the National Organization for Marriage right when they said that we’d start seeing people ousted from their jobs just for their anti-gay opinions?

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