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Homophobic t-shirt designer unveils “F*ck your pronoun, f*ggot” shirts just in time for Pride

A homophobic t-shirt designer from Pennsylvania is peddling antigay shirts for Pride month.

Mikey Boneroad specializes in “gross out” designs with pictures of vomit, poop, and naked women along with slogans like “Crap-tain America” and “Smelly P*ssy Pentagram”.

His latest shirt features the words “F*ck your pronoun, f*ggot.”

Yesterday, Mikey shared his new to Instagram, along with the caption: “Pressing now. #F*ckYourMadeUp97Genders #only2genders #cringe.”

The reference to “97 genders” is a commentary on Facebook’s 71 gender options.

Hornet reports:

It’s unclear whether Boneroad identifies as LGBTQ or straight. Regardless, his shirt uses an anti-gay slur (during Pride month, it should be said, a month when LGBTQ people honor their fight to exist in a world of anti-queer violence) and denies transgender, gender fluid and non-binary people the basic respect of referring to them by the pronoun matching their gender identity.

The post has since been removed by Instagram. In response, Mikey shared the message he received from social media platform along with the caption: “Awwwwwwwww how sweet.”

Awwwwwwwww how sweet.

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But this is hardly the first time he’s veered into antigay territory:

Ladies Tee's available on MIKEYBONEROAD.COM ???? @fanny_forte_ny

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What a charming man.

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