How AFER Raised $3 Million Without Auctioning Off A Single Date With Adam Lambert

Last night at Ron Burkle’s house, on a tent outside on the lawn which attendees paid at least $1,000-per-head to attend, the American Foundation For Equal Rights raised some $3 million to pay Ted Olson and David Boies’ attorney fees — or $187,500 per song Elton John performed. Though I’d hasten to say “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” was worth twice that. Famous persons, like Rob Reiner, Jane Lynch, Kirsten Gillibrand, Fred Karger, and Adam Lambert were milling about. Ken Mehlman, the anti-gay gay former RNC chairman, could be seen mingling inside Burkle’s home at a private reception. Apparently it wasn’t awkward at all. Elton told the crowd: “I think I have it all. I have a wonderful career, a wonderful life. I have my health, I have a partner of 17 years, and now I have a son. I don’t have everything because I don’t have the respect of people like the church or like politicians who tell me that I’m not worthy, that I’m lesser because I’m gay, well fuck you!”

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  • Henry Holland

    But….but….he played for Rush Limpballs for cash! He made a dumb comment on stage in AZ!

    So, am I supposed to want to burn Elton John at the stake or not? Damn people and their inconsistent ways…..

  • ForeverGay

    Elton has raised a lot of money for gay causes. Although he’s said some dumb things in the past all that matters for gay people is actions.

  • kat23morg

    I love Elton John…but there is a difference between him and say Adam….Adam is up front…openly gay from the get go when he signed a record deal…He does not hide that he is gay…he would never attend a function that does not support gay rights…alla Elton…Elton needs to follow what Adam does…Do not be ashamed …do not support those who do not support you and others…Again I love Elton’s music…but think he should have been more open and needs to choose what he does better…obviously the gig he did for Rush is bad …just shows he was interested in money. Adam is hugely popular because he is so honest and so so talented.

  • justiceontherocks

    If he contributes the $1 mil he got from our fierce advocate Rush Limbaugh we can be happy with Sir Elton.

  • jay

    Please, Adam hasn’t been through half of what Elton’s done. Adam has personally stated he doesn’t feel he needs to be the face of anything. I think it’s fabulous he was there and made statements for support; however, don’t kid yourself, that wasn’t the reason the man was there. It more than likely was more networking, more career oriented, more to be seen. Elton fucked up in my opinion working with Rush; he’s Palin with a penis and worse. Now as stated above, give that million to a decent charity and then we’ll talk. Elton, however, has done humongous amounts of good for the gay community, even with his slip ups. I think Adam has a looooooooong way to go before Elton needs to consider taking tips from him. Bitch, please.

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