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How Christopher Hitchens Was Forced to Be Apart From His Prep School Boyfriend


We’ve already learned that some of Hitchens’ bisexuality experimentation cohorts grew up to become members of Margaret Thatcher’s inner circle. But just how randy did the boys get at 135-year-old Leys prep school?Last week on Bill Maher’s HBO program, the writer Christopher Hitchens, seen here being waxed, and who doesn’t think women are funny, ripped the Vatican a new one. It was beautiful. Also beautiful: Hitchens re-telling his childhood circle jerks with his boyhood classmates. What an apropos segue!


To understand, let’s first learn about Hitchens as a schoolboy:

So just what were these blokes doing to each other?

And oh, the boyhood romances!

If absence makes the heart grow stronger, Hitchens should have no worries about consuming gobs of trans fat, ’cause his ticker ain’t gonna quit.

[scans via Gawker]