How Long Until Vatican Blames Gays for Irish Catholic Church Molestation: 3, 2, 1 …

Three decades of covering up child sexual abuse allegations is what the Irish Catholic Church faces in a 720-page report from the Dublin Archdiocese. One priest regularly committed violations over 25 years. And plenty of these sick men are likely still involved in local parishes.


In a somewhat bizarre rationale, the Church opted to make public the history of abuse to avoid scandal.

Now, if only there were a Catholic manifesto that promised to uphold the respect for human life.

EARLIER: Hetero Priests Just As Likely to Molest Kids as Gay Priests!

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  • terrwill

    The men in dresses at the Vatican are trying to put a new spin that kiddie diddlers are not really doing the diddling because of sexual orientation, but rather because of physcological disorders. See that makes the whole “Gay priest” sticky situation simply go away!!………….

  • Qjersey

    If the idiot church would just allow priests to marry (women). The tradition of celibate priests goes back to when the noble’s oldest son became a priest…and when his father died…the church got the inheritance.

  • Wayne

    So the Catholic Church thinks gay marriage is evil, yet covering up and protecting serial child rapists is a good thing in their view. And they kept covering for them for DECADES and it CONTINUES even now. WOW.

  • mark

    I read accounts of these sick F*CKS raping and flogging institutionalized Down Syndrome and Autistic children, and they have the gaul to judge OTHERS?

    suffer the little children….wasn’t a G*D DAMN GUIDEBOOK!

  • schlukitz

    Ghouls. The whole fucking lot of them.

  • terrwill

    Once upon a time I heard about those living in a glass house shouldn’t be throwing stones. We are now seeing that the Vatican where all those men in dresses and pointy hats live is a whole freakin city made of glass………………….

  • Keith Kimmel


    Good on you, Queerty for using the image again that the one douche was bitching about last time you all used it.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    They’ll get theirs. We don’t even need to wish it on them. They’re so cooked. The world is becoming aware of this and is not taking these clowns seriously any longer. That’s why they need to fan the gay issue, to get people, who never liked gays to begin with, to dig deeply into their pockets. That’s why easily lead poor countries are targeted. The internet allows the world to see their atrocities in real time, so they are held accountable. The phony hypocrisy becomes more and more apparent and credibility goes away with each passing day.

  • David

    Just to make sure clear…the Commission that investigated & wrote the Report was established by the Irish State. The catholic church would gladly keep covering this up if they could. There is a fascinating article on how the church sanctioned lying to protect itself – hypocrites all:

  • spindoc

    IT’s too late, the church is losing tons of members in Ireland because of their long history of abuse. Reports went out about a massive cover-up of horrific abuse in their homes for unwed mothers and orphanages. Releasing this info is them closing the barn door after the horse is out.

  • Robert, NYC

    Wayne, molestation is a centuries old tradition in the roman cult, not decades.

    Now that the recent study has emerged stating that pedophiles and child molesters cannot necessarily be overwhelmingly attributed to a gay orientation, the Irish church as well as the Vatican is going to have a very difficult time trying to pin it all on us again. They’ll have to come up with a better scapegoat next time. Now that its new ruling is to weed out gay candidates from entering the seminaries, I wonder what criterion they will use to weed out the straight candidates with a penchant for girls or boys for that matter? A lot of people forget that during the recent molestation scandal in the U.S., there were some straight priests molesting girls, nothing was mentioned about how that would be addressed.

  • schlukitz

    @ No. 12 Robert NYC

    A lot of people forget that during the recent molestation scandal in the U.S., there were some straight priests molesting girls, nothing was mentioned about how that would be addressed.

    Well, to the churchs’ way of thinking, molesting little girls is a “normal” heterosexual sexual response, which in their sick, twisted minds, probably makes it ok.

    It’s only “wrong” when we queers do it, you see.

  • terrwill

    #12 Robert NYC: I simply see the men in dresses and pointy hats in the Vatican adopting this study as a way to explain away the concept of Gay priests. Because we all know there is no such thing as a Gay priest!!

    To show how out of touch with reality they are they are now bringing back that old chestnut, the inquisition!! First they are screening new seminarians for “gay tendencies” to prevent them from becomming priests. And now they are begining an through “investigation” into the orders of nuns only in the United States. It seems many of them are becoming too “openly liberal” (read: lesbian) This comes at a time when they are basically running out of Priests and Nuns. In the US there are many Parishes who not too long ago had four or five resident Priests. They now have to share a single Priest with another parish. In some of the square states a single Priest serves hundreds of square miles. Pope (I was a young nazi) Benedict is attempting to open the anti-Gay tent to other denominations who are pissed that their sane hierarchy has allowed Gay priests. Same thing with nuns. They are truly a dying breed. And the catholic schools who heavily relied on nuns as basically free teachers are now forced to hire lay teachers (as opposed to the priests who like to lay the kids! :-P) Creating a tremendous financial burden on the schools resulting in many of them being forced to close. It is insane, this vendetta they wage against the Gays is having serious implications on the actual future of the church………Talk about what goes around…………

  • schlukitz

    Great post, Terrwill.

    You make some excellent points.

    I too, while not in the least religious, am a believer in Karma.

  • Attmay

    This was the religion that Hitler practiced, people! Are you fucking surprised? They helped him with the Holocaust.

    I bet those filthy Romanist priests only fuck boys because they can’t get pregnant. I also bet The Kraut in the Hat has probably enjoyed a few selections from the kid’s menu, if you know what I mean.

    The Vatican can take over Iraq’s former slot in the Axis of Evil. In fact, Italy should just annex the whole thing, execute these boy-raping heretic hypocrites and turn it into a museum similar to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.: another warning about man’s inhumanity to man. The only good thing about that terrorist state was painted on a ceiling by a gay man.

    Christianity is heresy.

  • Robert, NYC

    Attmay, the roman cult was disestablished in Italy in 1983 I believe. No politician,Italian or otherwise would dare nail these bastards or its ringleader,evil incarnate, Papa Ratzi.

  • Robert, NYC

    One good thing that has come out of this is that the Church of Ireland’s leader (Protestant) has called for the ouster of the papal nuncio back to Rome for failing to take a stand, thwarting civil laws of the land to protect police and the perpetrators from punishment.

  • terrwill

    I am sorry but they deserve this one:

    Q:How do you get a nun pregnant?

    A:Dress her like an altar boy :-P

  • Bill Perdue

    Regarding the criminality of the roman cult in Ireland send your comments to Sinn Féin, An Phoblacht, their newspaper, and two other parties, Irish Labour and the Irish Greens.

    It’s time to get tough with these cult thugs. Whether they’re christer cults in the EU, the US and Africa or states run by killer ayatollah and islamists we should emphasize the same program suppress the power of cults to harm ourselves and children:

    1) Secularize cult schools, colleges and universities without compensation to cut down on the number of rapes.

    2) Child rape and abuse is not just a catholic problem. It’s uncommon to all the cults. The catholics, however, systematize it and protect it. Any cult authority who abets the rape of children should be charged under RICO laws, extradited from Vatican City, arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit child rape.

    3) Priests, pastors, mullahs, rabbis, ministers and imams should not be allowed near children unless the children have armed guards to protect them.

    4) Cult property should be confiscated to pay compensation, to promote safe sex, and to pay for protective and social services for children, most of them GLBT children, tossed in the streets by superstitious, bigoted parents.

    5) The government should pay all the costs when GLBT (and other) children with abusive parents ask to be emancipated.

    6) Arrest warrants should be requested from The Hague for members of the catholic curia, the college of cardinals, and archbishops and bishops who aided child rapists to escape arrest and punishment and for the ayatollahs of Iraq and Iran for mass murder.

    7) We should not have to pay taxes for the cults. Their tax exemptions should be ended and back taxes collected.

    8) Cult interference in civil affairs and politics should be criminalized. First on the list should be their inference in partnering, marriage, and civil unions. Marriages conducted solely by cults should be declared annulled and void.

    The three most dangerous groups in the world are the roman cult for their unceasing efforts to spread homohating bigotry and protect rapists, the US government’s for it genocidal wars and the zionist colonists whose policies of apartheid and ethnic cleansing created the islamist movement.


    One of my favorite bumper sticker reads “Abstinence makes the churches grow fondlers.”

  • Bill Perdue

    No. 12 · Robert, NYC

    Robert, I agree. Sexual abuse is common in most cults and is centered in their schools and orphanages. Another vector can be found in the snake pits where they pretend to change the sexual orientation of GLBT youth but in reality indulge themselves in sadistic physical and psychological abuse and sexual abuse.

    The easiest way to prevent a considerable number of child rapes is to secularize their schools and make it a criminal offense for priests, pastors, mullahs, rabbis, ministers and imams to approach unescorted children.

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