In case you’re just joining us, yesterday we posted a story suggesting that a former Human Rights Campaign employee may have been the wiley scamp who first posted Mark Foley’s “overly-friendly” emails with a page.

Last night, after we closed up shop for the day, Radar posted a story revealing said employee as none-other-than 29-year old activist, Lane Hudson:

According to sources in Michigan’s gay activist community, the Human Rights Campaign has placed only one paid staffer on the ground in the state–a get-out-the-vote organizer named Lane Hudson…When Radar called HRC’s Washington, D.C., headquarters today, the person answering the phones said Hudson was no longer working with the organization. E-mails sent to Hudson’s HRC address were bounced back as undeliverable.

Sure, it’s not definite proof, but the evidence certainly points to Hudson. If no one else up in Michigan worked for HRC and Hudson’s recently been fired, it seems the culprit must be Hudson. Yes?

What we want to know is where Hudson got the aforementioned emails in the first place. He once worked for Senator Fritz Hollings and Governor Jim Hodges, so perhaps he obtained them from peeps in the government?

And, of course, to know what Hudson looks like (because, quite frankly, we’re getting really sick of Mark Foley’s face).

We’ve done a cursory search on the internet to no avail. Anyone out there got the goods?

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