Will Mike Top Mitt?

Huckabee Making Headway

The sweet-faced and anti-gay Mike Huckabee seems to be gaining ground in Iowa. The NY Times reports that the Republican presidential candidate may give his competition a run for their money:

Among Republican caucusgoers, 27 percent said they would support Mr. Romney, while 21 percent said they would support Mr. Huckabee and 15 percent said they would support Mr. Giuliani. But two-thirds of Mr. Romney’s backers said they could change their mind, a strikingly large number; by contrast, half of Mr. Huckabee’s supporters said they could change their mind. And nearly every one of Mr. Huckabee’s poll measures in Iowa, where he has focused most of his resources, was encouraging: 50 percent of respondents had a favorable view of him, compared with 7 percent who said they viewed him unfavorably.

The Times and their surveys also conclude that the GOP has been struggling to balance ideology and pragmatism. To this we have one word: good.

While we sort of have a crush on Huckabee, we can’t stand his homophobic politics and archaic sense of “value,” which he summed up at the Value Voters summit: “The new value needs to be the old value.”

He apparently doesn’t know that we’re living in a startlingly complex new era.

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  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Two men from Hope, AR – both Southern Baptists – one graduated from a Roman Catholic university in Washington, went to Oxford as a Rhodes scholar and graduated Yale Law School- predictably, the other went to Baptist institutions and became an SBC pastor.

    The former, Bill Clinton, is a centrist and pragmatist who believes that minorities have no other home since they hijacked the liberal leadership, and that rhetoric and “do no harm and certainly do no real good” politics is enough.

    Bill Huckabee is a theocon Dominionist who advocated the Dominionist marriage contract in AR and has opposed the sodomy decriminalisation ordered by state courts when he served as governor. Please note that the two US senators and the myriad of congresspersons who claim that they are Democrats usually vote Republican…and are neocons too. This is the truth about the new “DINO governor of AR, Mr. Beebe.

  • Woof

    In the words of Jack jett – I’d spit fuck him and make him love me.

  • Dom

    Man, I can’t wait til this RW nutfuck’s campaign blows up in his face – and it will, believe me. Wait til he starts talking down to the American public about how their “values” aren’t the right ones to have. Yeah, we just LOVE being talked down to by a sanctimonious hypocrite who let a murdering rapist out of jail because he was pissed off at Bill and Hillary Clinton and wanted to prove his anti-Clinton bona fides to his Christofascist pals. This mother-fucker is going DOWN – I don’t care how much the media is trying to build him up. He is an empty suit, just like Mittens Romney. As soon as he goes up against someone like Hillary or another Dem he will fold like a bad poker hand.

  • Jason V

    GO MIKE GO!!!! WOHOOO, I’, voting for the HOMOPHOB. Over 80 million Evangelicals, your out manned out gunned!!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF

  • hells kitchen guy

    Have a crush on Huckabee? Ick! You definitley need to get out more.

  • DavidDust

    I’d have to agree with my neighbor, Hells Kitchen Guy. Huck’s pretty gross.

  • Mike

    Oh, a Huckabee nomination would be awesome. He’ll be an easy defeat in the general, but not as easy as Red Bassethound Thompson.
    And now with Regan claiming to have “extensive and damning” audio tapes of Guiliani, he’s looking like a pretty easy defeat too.

  • hoghat

    If you think the Huckster is cute, you’ll love his wife, the former First Lady of Arkansas. She’s 100% all man.

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