Hunter Parrish Gets New Gig

Things are looking good for Hunter Parrish.

The Weeds actor, who has blossomed into quite the hunk, will soon be taking Broadway by storm. in the Duncan Sheik scored Spring Awakening:

The show, based on an 1891 German play of the same name, centers around a group of teenagers dealing with abortion, rape, suicide, masturbation and even some S&M. It won three Tony Awards last year, including Best Musical.

Parrish, 21, will star as Melchoir, whose best friend kills himself and whose pregnant girlfriend dies after an illegal abortion. (Parrish may want to start poppin’ some antidepressants now.)

He’ll make his debut in September.

Better make your reservations, drama queens!

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  • Justin L

    I dont even really know who this boy is.
    but he’s hot.
    i would go to see whatever hes in, wherever it is

  • John

    He’s brilliant in Weeds. Holds his own among some premier actors, and he captures the southern California white teen perfectly. Great personality.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Did he get pregnant for the role?

  • KPB

    Why would you give away major plot points to Spring Awakening?

  • Puddy Katz

    Those wacky Germans!

  • Konrad

    the girl died from an abortion. the script doesn’t say it was illegal and German law at the time was somewhat flexible.

    all in all, while the music has some merit, its about a bunch of teenagers who think their petty problems are matters of world concern. its a bit of a bore.

    better to cast Hunter in a good sex comedy with a lot of high school gym scenes.

  • Darth Paul

    I hope he’s improved his acting because other than being pretty, he SUCKS on Weeds. It doesn’t take much to behave like a white teenager when you were one a couple of years ago.

  • GranDiva

    Darth Paul:
    Hunter Parrish is perfect for a Pretty White Kids With Problems show. Admit it.

  • Natalie

    Does anyone else think he kind of looks like Eric Mabius?

  • Brian

    Please edit this post now to remove the “spoilers”! If you’ve heard the music, you know about the suicide, but the girl dying was a major plot point that elicited gasps from the audience when I saw this. I actually make a point of not listening to music before a show, because I want to see and hear everything unfold on stage.

    Hunter is hot, though….

  • Tim

    I’d rather see more of Conrad from Weeds…

  • tony the tiger

    there was another young male actor in weeds who played mayor’s gay son who quit weeds after he landed a part in that awful tom cruise movie about the space aliens because he thought he was too big to continue being on weeds

    but his next movie bombed and his career is over…if he had stayed on weeds he would have continued getting attention and possibly more parts….life is a bitch!!!

  • patrickheldme

    His character gets naked (you only see his ass, though) and has pretty graphic simulated sex in this show, so Hunter fans should get pumped.

  • Carmen

    check him out in Cougar 101 on

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