A 38-year-old woman isn’t sure what to make of her 45-year-old husband constantly texting with guys on Grindr, so she’s seeking help from advice columnist Deidre Sanders.

The couple has been together for eight years. It’s her second marriage… and his fourth.

“I saw on a phone bill he left lying around that he had joined Grindr and asked him if he is bisexual,” the woman explains. “He said ‘No’ and that the texting was just a laugh when he was drunk.”

To make matters worse, her husband is away all week for work, creating a deeper chasm between the two of them. And when he’s home on the weekends, he’s drunk the entire time.

“He gets nasty when he is home at weekends as he drinks too much,” she writes. “I have told him he needs to cut down.”

“He says he will but it never happens because he doesn’t think he has a problem.”

Clearly, there’s a lot to unpack with this one. A lot.

In her response, Deidre tells the woman flat out, “I think I can see why he may be on his fourth marriage.”

She goes on to say that many people are attracted to members of the same sex. And while she understands why the woman may be upset about this, “it’s your husband’s drinking that needs tackling first.”

“Tell him your weekends together have to change if your marriage is to last,” Deidre advises. “Plan outings you can enjoy together but be firm that you’re over if he’s nasty to you again.”

Hmmm. We hate to sound cynical, but this doesn’t sound like a marriage that’s going to last, no matter what the woman tries.

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