Sen. John McCain’s angry rhetoric that he entered in to the public record on the Senate floor — the type that helps LGBT kids learn to hate themselves — is completely disproved by amazing young gay men like Daniel Hernandez Jr., who saved Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ life just five days on the job as an intern for her office. Interviewed on Today this morning, Hernandez reveals his limited medical training was enough to keep Giffords from choking to death on her own blood, or bleed out from her head wound. One’s sexuality, Hernandez shows, has absolutely nothing to do with courage, nor the ability to protect others in the face of danger — in this case, a raging madman with a gun. Hernandez, a gay man, saved the life of a federal lawmaker. Something tells me that Sen. McCain, in his decade-plus of military service, was also kept safe by a bunch of homosexuals, and would pray a David Hernandez Jr. would be there if some lunatic ever pulled a gun on him.

Today Gov. Jan Brewer — the same woman who authorized a law that would let police demand Hernandez prove he is a legal citizenrecognized Hernandez in front of state lawmakers and led them in a standing ovation.

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