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If Elected Senator, Charlie Crist Won’t Try to Ban Homosexuals From Living Together

I always LOL a little bit when Florida Gov. Charlie Crist opens his mouth, but I’m totally an ROFL type of guy when this guy discusses anything gay. Like he was doing on CNN’s State of the Union, railing against letting homosexuals like him get married.

Crist, an over-sized Oompa-Loompa in a loving opposite marriage, says he’s all for a constitutional ban on gay marriage (“I believe it is between a man and a woman”). But. BUT! He’s a “”live and let live kind of guy” when it comes to gays living together (“I don’t have a problem with it”).

That is: He’s fine with you and your roommate, or “special friend,” sharing an abode, but please don’t go asking for file your taxes together or, hevs forbid, the right to pass on your estate without ridiculous penalties.

But keep in mind, Crist has a tendency to say things he doesn’t mean. Or rather, get confused over what he’s supposed to support. Like healthcare reform. So his honchos released this statement: :In an interview that aired today, I was not discussing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning same-sex marriage, which I do not support, but rather reaffirming my position regarding Florida’s constitutional ban that I articulated while running for Governor. In fact, the interviewer’s question reflected just that. I am fully supportive of civil unions and will continue to be as a United States Senator, but believe marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman.”

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    He is simply heading off any critism when if elected, he and Miss Lindsey Grahmm become roomates……….

  • Martin Murray

    What a stupid faggot Charlie Crist is.

    Surely some Florida hustler who Crist has hired as a ‘travel companion’ or ‘proof reader’ or ‘researcher’ must be lurking in the wings ready to tell all about the massively gay Charlie Crist.

  • ewe

    Why does the media treat Crist with the same reverence as Anderson Cooper? The closet queen is actively working against our civil rights. I don’t understand why he is not put on the chopping block.

  • OutChrist

    Can someone PLEASE get evidence that this guy is queer? Come on!!

    OUT this hypocritical bastard!

  • OutCrist (oops!)

    (minus the *H*) ;)

  • TonyD

    I’m sick of politicians and such living in glass closets supporting self-hating legislation and coming out 10+ years later, apologizing, and expecting immediate forgiveness! Turn the damn knob and push the damn door open already and quit f$#%ing with people’s private lives!

  • Clint

    OOOooo so progressive. You think two people of the same sex should be allowed to live together!? I smell a Nobel prize nominee.

  • wompman

    Oh, this white headed orange-faced creamciscle closet-case is at it again? This moron needs to learn the words “no comment” and stop talking in circles while cowering in the closet.

    I’m sure he has no problem with two people of the same sex living together, other than jealousy, while he cries in his closet, avoiding his “wife.” Douche-faced nimrod.

  • Jim Stone

    I’m soo glad my partner and I can live together after 19 years without rights without the fear him sending the gestapo after us.
    Whew!! I am so relieved!!

  • concretepinata

    There is a lovely documentary called “Outrage” which names a few of his ex-tricks. Additionally it questions a woman whom he dated about whether he’s gay or not, and she responded, “I think I should keep my mouth shut, ask me again in ten years and I will tell you a good story.”
    I think he and wide-stance Larry would make a brilliant couple.

  • moi

    Governor Oompa Loompa needs to pick a position and stick with it. He says he supports civil unions, but just two years ago he supported Amendment 2 to the Florida constitution which banned not just marriage but civil unions by any name as well.

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