If Gainesville Pastor Wayne Sapp Wants to Get Into Politics, He’ll Need to Pay His Taxes

Dove World Outreach Center, the anti-gay and anti-abortion and anti-Muslim Gainesville church that employs Pastor Wayne Sapp*, thought it would be wise to erect a sign in front of the building that read “No Homo Mayor.” You know, to denounce the campaign of Craig Lowe, a homosexual who actually did quite well in the last run-off. This was to be expected, given Sapp believes “the world don’t need another homo! What it needs is the truth, but in the churches around Gainesville, FL and the the pastors are cowards and hypocrites. They say one thing behind closed doors and do another thing in the eyes of the public!”

Perhaps, then, Sapp didn’t expect anyone would call him on Dove World’s blatant violation of its tax-exempt status, where federal tax code bars non-profits like the church from involving itself in local politics. The Americans United for Separation of Church and State has filed a complaint with the IRS. If you want to play politics, pay your taxes.