If Gainesville Pastor Wayne Sapp Wants to Get Into Politics, He’ll Need to Pay His Taxes

Dove World Outreach Center, the anti-gay and anti-abortion and anti-Muslim Gainesville church that employs Pastor Wayne Sapp*, thought it would be wise to erect a sign in front of the building that read “No Homo Mayor.” You know, to denounce the campaign of Craig Lowe, a homosexual who actually did quite well in the last run-off. This was to be expected, given Sapp believes “the world don’t need another homo! What it needs is the truth, but in the churches around Gainesville, FL and the the pastors are cowards and hypocrites. They say one thing behind closed doors and do another thing in the eyes of the public!”

Perhaps, then, Sapp didn’t expect anyone would call him on Dove World’s blatant violation of its tax-exempt status, where federal tax code bars non-profits like the church from involving itself in local politics. The Americans United for Separation of Church and State has filed a complaint with the IRS. If you want to play politics, pay your taxes.


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  • Disgusted American

    this guy is a mental midget…a brainwashed fool…..and he himself suffers from the sin of Gluttony!

  • Storm

    Someso-called churches should be burned to the ground and the ashes sowed with salt.

  • Peter

    I hope that all Gay people consider contributing to Americans for Separation of Church and State; a group that can stop people like Sapp.

  • Peter

    OOPs,,, that is Americans United,etc.

  • Michael

    OK, how does this “straight” guy know G’ville is the 11th gayest city in the world? I used to live in G’ville and I have a feeling he knows more cruise spots than I do. Also, a pastor who utters the word ‘fag’ has no clue to what God is all about. It’s a real shame guys, like this one, will never sprout enough balls to call a homosexual a ‘fag’ to his face (unless, of course, he’s with 5 of his friends or passing in a car…)

  • Ken

    The church is right in saying that they have the constitutional right to erect that sign. However, there is no constitutional right to be a tax-exempt organization.

    If the IRS were to decide that the organization is not tax exempt, which is very unlikely, it won’t make a difference so far as income taxes are concerned. Most churches have a membership of about 100-150 and wouldn’t have any appreciable taxable income if they filled out a tax form. However, if the county or city follow suit, they will have to pay property taxes on their building and land. That would bankrupt the church’s budget.

    If the IRS makes the much more likely determination that the church is a tax-exempt political advocacy group, then donations to the church are not deductible, and all the members have to refile their income tax to pay tax on those deductions.

  • BamBam

    Did anyone else notice the green screen in the background? Isn’t that the color that is easiest to edit the background of? I don’t know how, but if someone here does, I have a couple of fun ideas for youtube…

  • mulletkitty

    Actually, the pastor is Terry Jones. And he runs the e-bay business T&S Company to fuel his tiny church of inbred followers. T&S Company sells mid-century-modern funiture online (no doubt, to tons of “homos.”)

    So spread the word and DO NOT buy from T&S Company. They are also being investigated for using the church as a shield for their for-profit mid-century furniture resale business on ebay.



  • Steve

    I found his web site, and went to take a look at it:

    Near the top of the front page is a video in which the pastor (I think) rants against abortion and homosexuality. To the right of that is a link to a new video titled, “Homosexuality Hates Free Speech”. The blog section includes a number of other videos that seem hateful and offensive to me. It’s not just political. It is “hate speech”, by any measure.

    Perhaps the Southern Poverty Law Center should take a look at these guys. I think they might qualify as a hate group.

  • SMD

    This guy does realize that the Bible also says “judge not, lest ye be judged,” right? The Bible is pretty freaking specific about that too. Maybe that’s why the churches didn’t want to get involved…because they’ve actually read the Bible all the way through…not just the parts they already agree with…

    Something tells me they need a basic Bible-style civics test for people to become heads of churches…

  • M. Maas

    There is no obligation as an human being to judge except Allah SWT.
    Why anti Muslim,as a Muslim we never and ever anti other religion: LAKUM DINUKUM WALIYADIEN

  • vinnyc

    @M. Maas: Sorry can you run that again. Are you stating that Muslims are secular ( technical word for respect other religions too)?

  • B

    No. 7 · BamBam wrote, “Did anyone else notice the green screen in the background? Isn’t that the color that is easiest to edit the background of?”

    … traditionally they used blue because it is a complementary
    color for flesh tones, but things are easier now due to digital processing and various background colors can be used.

    You could have fun putting him just outside the Gates of Hell –
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Gates_of_Hell (the Rodin version) – and you can find a copy at Stanford University http://infolab.stanford.edu/~prasanna/photos/SFStanford/P1040001.html so if you know someone who lives nearby you get just
    what you want and even pan up and down.

  • n14

    The people he killed were friends of mine. LTCOL Siri Skare was my classmate at the Air War College. The blood of these fine people are his hands.

  • Love Is The Answer

    Wayne Sapp- Man of God- NOT!!!…I wonder which bible he reads and teaches…Our land of the free is going to be our prison… as more and more of our village idiots alianate us from the rest of the world…by foolishly trying to make a name for themselves…Fame comes in many forms and at great cost…I think it’s time we all unite and be heard…Watch the video “The End Of American”…It’s free online…See if this does not strike a cord with you…

  • Clown

    It’s such a pity that Hamed Karzai didn’t mention the disgust in this crackpot that the general population of US citizens has. Instead the actions of a bizarre minority are taken as reason to commit atrocities by another crackpot minority.

  • Clown

    Anyone from any faith that believes the burning of any book is a crime fairly punished by death is more delusional than all these man made gods themselves.

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