Second Class

Immigration Reform Is Close To Happening–But Not For Us

The Gang of Eight, a group of Democratic and Republican Senators who fancy themselves Crips and Bloods, is reportedly close to a deal on immigration reform. One guess who isn’t going to be included in the mix. You’re right: same-sex bi-national couples.

Got a partner (or even spouse) from another country? Tough luck. Unless she or he has all the relevant paper work, as far as the Gang of Eight is concerned, it’s bon voyage. Gangster John McCain had previously indicated that protections for LGBT non-residents was a deal breaker, and apparently he’s getting his way. (Afterwards, he will go out on his front porch and shake his fist at any kids that play on his lawn.)

Of course, Congress may be deciding once again to let the Supreme Court do the work it can’t bring itself to do. If DOMA is struck down, then spouses of U.S. residents could have a clear path to citizenship. In the meantime, Congress can once again duck the hard work of actually voting to protect LGBT people, something it’s gotten very good at.

Photo: Gage Skidmore