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In Between Battling To Control Their Kingdom, Fable III Players Can Play Gay Daddies

Fable III, the new Xbox role-playing game from Lionhead Studios, will do more than let the warriors of the nation Albion battle each other to the death: It’ll also let ’em play house with members of the same-sex.

The gay-friendly game play isn’t new: Fable players have enjoyed this option since 2004; The Sims has coded gay relationships into its role playing since 2000. And then of course there’s Dragon Age: Origins, which not only lets players go gay, but lets them pretend they’re starring in a Cinemax late night special.

When the Prince of Albion isn’t battling reanimated corpses, searching for mystical medallions or attempting to overthrow his tyrannical brother, he has a pretty nice life at home with his husband, Kyle the Blacksmith, and their two adopted sons, Alex and Tim.

But keep in mind: This is a video game for Xbox, which means identifying as a homo opens you up to all sorts of fun conversation. [AP]

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  • Joe

    old news Queerty; Fable II let you do the same thing.

  • sam

    @Joe: Older than that sunshine. As the article said, Fable I was doing it too.

  • Ash

    Yes, marrying and having sex with a member of the same sex was allowed in the earlier Fable games, but what is new is having children as a gay couple. In Fable 3 you can adopt!

  • [email protected]

    This is cool. IMO, Lionhead is WAY more progressive than BioWare.

    *still pissed about “no homo” in Mass Effect, and the BS explanation.*

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