In Case You Missed It, Here’s Grey’s Anatomy’s Lesbian Wedding

I don’t watch this show because television needs another medical drama like I need gonorrhea. But I’m always down for some lezzie nuptials, especially since I’ve never been invited to a dyke wedding (probably because I refer to homo-women as “lezzies” and “dykes”). Nevertheless, here’s Callie & Arizona getting married in Seattle where gays have legal domestic partnerships. Though just to balance it out, the show also concurrently featured a straight couple getting married as well. Blah. Whatevs, just as long as we get to see the brides kiss.

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  • Jeffree

    Yay Callie & Colorado! Oh, wait, I mean Arizona. Or was it Nevada?

    I was once the “best man” at the wedding of two women. Not only was I the *best* man, I was the ONLY man, other than the caterer waiterer dude carving blocks of ice into swans, hearts and dental dams.

    Yes, I am BAAAACK here on Queerty, having survived final exams, three term papers, and two stints in a one-point-five star “mo”-tel reliving senior year prom with my beloved hunka Swiss cheese dude.

    Welcome back, Queerty!

    And need I say that I’m glad that the new owners kept Daniel V., the best writer from the Old Days?

    xoxo to my best buds and budettes from times past. You know who you are !

  • jason

    No wonder Grey’s Anatomy’s ratings have been in free fall the last year or so. Its depictions of relationships is unrealistic. Its “lesbians” look like straight women faking their lesbianism in return for cash payments. Sorry, girls, we know your grubby little antics, and they don’t comply with the true cause of GLBT rights.

    I want to see realistic lesbians – butch lesbians with crew cuts and flannel shirts. Oh, I forgot – Hollywood can’t cope with butch lesbians.

  • Carl

    @Jason So, all Lesbians have to be Butch and have crew cuts? I must remember to tell my best friends partner to shave off her shoulder length hair and buy flannel. Or my boss’s wife the same thing. Oddly enough, there are more than one *type* of lesbian in the real world. Had they both been ‘butch’, people would be screaming about stereotypes. Sometimes I think the TV guys just can’t win. At least they’re making the effort.

  • Lefty

    Awww, that was great.

  • Jeffree

    @jason: Whenever they let you out of whatever “special place” you’re confined to since 1985, you may discover that lesbians, like gay men, come in many flavors. Some real lesbians have, to use your expression, “long, flowing hair” and wear skirts and silk.

    Yes, Jason, some of the real lesbians here in 2010 are stereotypically fashionable!

    That’s all the news that’s fit to print !

  • jason

    I agree that there is no set look for a lesbian just as there is no set look for a gay man. However, if the type you see on TV all have long flowing hair and look like straight girls trying to please sleazy straight guys, then Hollywood itself is pushing its own stereotype. I have never seen one butch lesbian on network TV. Where the fuck are they?

    Hollywood is terrified of butch lesbians just as it is of the sight of two men kissing.

  • BamBam


    Seriously dude, what is your obsession with their hair cuts?

  • Lefty

    @jason: Pretty much everything that’s on TV these days is unrealistic, though. Even dramas which aim for a verite feel on the surface are stylised and unrealistic.

  • greenluv1322

    @jason: Lol, you would have been so proud when my wife and I were married. I wore a bow tie and we both wore black. But that’s were you fantasy ends because we both have long flowing hair. So close, yet so far away, lol.

  • MikeE

    I found the juxtaposition with the hetero civil ceremony interesting. The only wedding that seemed to have any emotion attached to it was the lesbian one. The other one, in front of a harried, and hurried, judge was nothing more than the signing of a legal contract. The lesbian wedding was a true commitment of love between two people. An interesting choice was made in playing these two one off the other.

  • Carl

    @Jason The reason there are no butch lesbians is the same reason that there are no muscled gays or ugly (well, except for reality TV lol) people. TV is a Fantasy world. One that doesn’t really reflect the real world at all. It’s an idealised world, where everyone is beautiful with perfect teeth, immaculate hair and make up that doesn’t budge even when they cry for ten minutes solid.

    It’s not some ‘anti-gay’ conspiracy, the unreality of TV applies to everyone.

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