Indian Actor Comes Out For Gays

Indian actor Siddharth Suryanarayan (pictured, looking angelic) doesn’t have a problem playing gay in an upcoming flick. In fact, he doesn’t have a problem with gays – period. He does, however, wag an adorable finger at his country’s love of colonial era homophobia:

I think we are a homophobic country and I believe the media’s insensitive sensationalisation of the issue is largely responsible for this.

As an actor I play roles based on reality. Sexual orientation is a natural and personal choice. I see no reason for it to affect my decision to accept a project.

I have close friends who are gay, and they are as intelligent and caring as, if not more than, my heterosexual friends. I think it’s time we started respecting them and giving them their much-deserved freedom to just be themselves.

Siddharth, you can respect us any day! And by “respect,” we mean kiss, smooch and all that jazz. Or is it jizz?

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  • todd

    Indian guys are so hot. India is MORE Victorian than the UK.

  • Paul Raposo

    Jake and Heath playing gay? Not all that brave. This kid playing gay in a Bollywood film? Brave–as in balls the size of bulls brave. And yes, he is adorable.

  • Beej the Pink Sheep

    I love Indian men. (I’m a plain cracker.) I love dark and lean men with deep eyes. *sigh*
    My first boyfriend in college was from India. He never could have taken me home to meet his parents.
    They would have disowned him. Sad.

  • Marty

    Siddharth is indeed cute. My partner also is Indian and he was also quite attractive in his college photo. Even at 46 he still looks hot to me. Lets hope Indian society opens up soon so all those gay men and women will have a chance for acceptance and happiness, without the fear of rejection.

  • Easwar

    let wait for the movie then



    “Siddharth, you can respect us any day! And by “respect,” we mean kiss, smooch and all that jazz. Or is it jizz?”

    Hmm.. when i appreciate and applaud the actor’s supporting the gay issue and the mail bringing it into focus, the aforementioned line in quotes which the article has at the end as a response to the actors call to respect Gay people is uncalled for. It is precisely these kind of comments and attitude which are responsible for us Gays being treated with disrespect and taken as flimsy and superficial. I do not approve of such a afterline to such a serious and laudable article. I am deeply dissapointed for the way the GAY community is being shown responding here!


  • Benji

    Rakshas is right. You say he’s angelic and adorable and comment on jizz… all of which misses the point of arguing against homophobia. Poor writing here, yielding to male hormones and cattiness instead of making a point towards equality.

  • Justin

    Hey! Thats not a good thing to say!

    He goes out on a limb as supports gay freedom and all we can say is “And by “respect,” we mean kiss, smooch and all that jazz. Or is it jizz?”!!!

    C’mon, something about the way we trivialize any such feelings and statements kind of rankles me. How many other ‘heterosexual’ men in this huge country of ours come out and say it?

  • hajar

    i wish u the best of luck in ur life & ur career too!
    with all my love!

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