Indian Actor Comes Out For Gays

Indian actor Siddharth Suryanarayan (pictured, looking angelic) doesn’t have a problem playing gay in an upcoming flick. In fact, he doesn’t have a problem with gays – period. He does, however, wag an adorable finger at his country’s love of colonial era homophobia:

I think we are a homophobic country and I believe the media’s insensitive sensationalisation of the issue is largely responsible for this.

As an actor I play roles based on reality. Sexual orientation is a natural and personal choice. I see no reason for it to affect my decision to accept a project.

I have close friends who are gay, and they are as intelligent and caring as, if not more than, my heterosexual friends. I think it’s time we started respecting them and giving them their much-deserved freedom to just be themselves.

Siddharth, you can respect us any day! And by “respect,” we mean kiss, smooch and all that jazz. Or is it jizz?