JustLeftTheCloset.com is kind of like the Facebook equivalent of the “It Gets Better” Project. The site bills itself as “a new social network for LGBT youth and their friends”—kids who are just coming out of the closet.Here’s what they say their aim is:

“We want to create an even playing field for all LGBT kids aged 13 and up, whether they live in the heart of the city or twenty miles from their nearest neighbor. They all need friends and they all want to have fun. There are thousands of others out there just like them, and justleftthecloset will connect them in an entirely new way. It will enable them to easily interact with each other from the safety and anonymity of their computers, at their own pace and with no outside pressure.”

It’s terribly earnest, and their font is a bit too close to Comic Sans for our liking, but all in all, it’s a great idea and well executed. Check out some screenshots below and sign up if you’re interested.

On your profile page, there’s a place for a picture, a little biography box, favorite songs and books, then at the bottom is the “coming out story” section.

There’s a panel navigation page.

The Coming Out Stories are the real meat of the site. Here’s a particularly cute one:

In high school during a biology field trip, me and my best friend were stuck in this boring biology lecture for the whole day. It was awful. So we started playing hang man. I decided I should tell her that I was thinking I might be gay (but at the time, I thought I was bisexual). So I made a hangman for her that spelled out: I Think There is The Possibility That I Might Be Bisexual. It actually turned out to be a pretty quick hangman (she understood what was going on pretty quick), and afterwards she gave me an awkward but comforting side hug and drew me a smile.

Now they just have to keep the pedophiles away.

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