Is A Bread Roll The Source Of Piers Morgan’s Feud With Madonna?

Piers Morgan has finally opened up about his long-standing rivalry with Madonna. The unusual source of their bad blood: a bread roll.

The CNN anchorman has never been shy about expressing his distain for the Material Girl, calling her “grotesque,” a “con artist,” and even going so far as to ban her from both his U.S. and UK shows.

In 2010, Morgan said: “She is so boring. She is too vegan for TV. We have Lady Gaga now so Madonna is banned from my show.”

Madonna’s rep issued a simple, curt response: “Madonna doesn’t know who Piers Morgan is, but she’s a big fan of Lady Gaga.”

It turns out this isn’t entirely true.

The two met back in 2001 at celebrity chef Marco Pierre White’s intimate birthday party. Morgan claims he lost his temper with the Queen of Pop when he thought she was being disrespectful towards the evening’s entertainment.

In a recent interview with Britain’s OK! magazine, he explained: “Madonna is pretty awful. She never forgave me for throwing a bread roll at her at Marco Pierre White’s birthday. She was just being really obnoxious, not just to me, but generally. There was only 40 of us at this dinner party and she got annoyed because Bernard Manning started being offensive and that wound her up. She was with Guy Ritchie at the time and he’d been laughing his head off.”

So, Morgan says, “I just picked up a bread roll and chucked it at her!”

Throwing food? Really?

Morgan went on to say, “I hate the phony accent, the muscled arms, the stripping off in her mid-fifties. … Everything about her is attention-seeking – I think her 15 minutes of superstardom has probably run its course.”

We’re with him on the phony accent; however, we’re not so sure about his “15 minutes of superstardom” claim. And when it comes attention-seeking, remember what they say about pointing fingers, Mr. Morgan.

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  • hex0

    Why is Piers Morgan famous anyway? After being outed as editor as The Mirror for faking images of British soldiers he’s been on one of Simon Cowell’s trashy shows and now calls himself a interviewer on MSNBC?

    Calling Madonna boring is calling the Kettle black. Annoying man.

  • Spike

    Imagine everyone in London was laughing at her back when she was putting on the fake accent and pretending to be British.

  • MikeE

    just for context: I spent two months up north where I live, they have a very particular accent.

    when I came back home, everyone was teasing me about my accent. I couldn’t hear it at all. it was purely subconscious.

    So those ragging on Madonna for her accent, relax, take a chill pill, she was married to a guy with an accent, she lived in a country surrounded by people with that accent, it’s perfectly normal for it to creep into her own way of speaking. And it takes next to no time for you to pick up an accent when living somewhere or being around others with an accent.

  • gingerscruff

    Piers who??? go back to Americas Got Talent please and shut your piehole

  • Pistolo

    Madonna has had 25 years of fame, not 15 minutes like he suggests. If the basis of her fame was shock value or stunts then she would be where Lady Gaga is now. You know, not selling so well, dropping off the charts, picking fights with Madonna & Perez Hilton, forcing the people around her to quit with terrible behavior (her manager, her stylist, Perez Hilton, her personal assistant), and Gaga TOTALLY puts on an affect when she speaks.

    Piers is like a lot of people who resent Madonna or Angelina Jolie- they’re afraid of boldness so they diminish it when they see it.

  • Franco C.

    Why doesn’t he keep his opinions to himself? There’s little reason to pollute the ether with such negativity. But, fun to read!

  • BlogShag

    Oh My God. The pot calling the kettle black. He sits there on his false throne and talks about class and decorum, and he throws food? Isn’t that what hoodlum children do at the dinner table that have no proper upbringing? He’s also in line with corporate elitists who like to hide truths from people. That’s the kind of person Piers is.

    Pierce is as vulgar as they get. He has zero charisma, and he is phony and stiff. Honestly he’s one of the worst anchormen in the business right now. It’s sad when I think about all the other people who could do a far better job on his shows than he. Go back to England, please. Madonna would make a far more interesting interviewer, vulgar or not.

  • BlogShag

    @Spike: She might have done that to try and fit in. Hugh Laurie’s USA accent is fake too. Why doesn’t anyone complain about that?

  • BlogShag

    @Pistolo: @Pistolo: Didn’t realize Lady Gaga wasn’t selling so well. Lady Gaga’s vocals aren’t as fun and jovial as Madonna’s is or was.

  • BlogShag

    @Pistolo: In what way has Angelina Jolie been bold?

  • LulaWSoto

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  • seaguy

    Piers Morgan brings up this made up feud everytime he is desperate for media attention. It’s really rather pathetic!

  • krystalkleer

    seriously…Piers attaches his name ANYTIME he can to MADONNA’S name to seem relevent! hmmm is someone’s show slipp’n in rate’ns and in need of a boost before the axe comes crash’n down…accents are easily attached to someone’s vocab when yer surrounded by it long enough…i’ve been to london and caught the same thing…and as far as this joker say’n her “15 minutes are up”…HA how “original”!

  • Ruhlmann

    I lived in New Zealand for two years and no one ever mistook me for a Kiwi bloke.

  • tada-no

    It is only right that Piers Morgan ended up at CNN. They’re a magnet for boring anchors who can’t drive ratings up compared to competition. Morgan is really not a talented investigative journalist, nor is he an exceptional host or an interviewer. It’s mind bugging that he makes millions. At least when we imported Martin Bashir, he came with unique and captivating talent.

  • Middle Aged Gay

    Yeah…Madonna is so over…that’s why she had the top-grossing tour of the year…oh wait…

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