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Is Britain’s Conservative Leader David Cameron In Bed With Polish Homophobes?


We’re not going to pretend to make sense of British politics. They have political parties with names like Tory and public officials with no real power. Sure, they know how to sometimes illegally spend taxpayer dollars just like America’s politicans, but we’ve got a hard enough time figuring out this country’s power broker system. But we do know who David Cameron is: He’s the main opponent to sitting United Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He takes shots at Brown any chance he can get. Oh, and he hangs around with homo-haters!

At least that’s the story being pedaled by The Guardian, which says Cameron has teamed up with crazypants right-wing Polish nationalist Urszula Krupa, who believes being gay is a “pathology” that undermines family. Oh and she hates Jews!

Not so, claims somebody else, who just happens to be The Guardian‘s main competition: The Daily Mail. Just because Cameron and Poland’s Krupa teamed up doesn’t mean the British conservative hates gays and Jews! The paper claims: “The Guardian has said that Urszula Krupa, a back bench MP for that Party, had made anti homosexual remarks. The Guardian added that she had once worked for a Catholic radio station Radio Maryja, and that someone else who worked for the radio station, Jerzy Robert Nowak, had made anti semitic comments. This is carrying guilt by association to the level of farce. The newspaper also attempts to portray a Latvian party as being Nazi sympathisers because it has members who attend veterans’ reunions for having fought against the Soviets during the Second World War. Initially they fought during the Nazi-Soviet pact but latterly in alliance with the Germans.”

The story is getting plenty of press across the pond, with politicians’ agendas (supporting or knocking Cameron) as rabid as the media’s (selling newspapers by taking opposing sides). For us, it’s an exercise in seeing whether the Brits hate when their politicians get in bed with anti-gay folks as much as we do.