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Is Bryan Safi a Misogynist or are the Real Housewives Homophobic?

The latest That’s Gay tackles that oh-so-pesky problem of Real Housewives and the gays who fawn over them. According to Bryan Safi, this phenomenon sucks: rich vapid women who surround themselves with gay sycophants! Dreadful!

One lady even goes so far as to “emasculate” her “gay boy toy” by making fun of his cock size. Of course, if one gay man said that to another, everyone would go “whooooooooo” and cackle approvingly.

But is there the possibility that there’s something creepy and anti-woman going on here? Could it be that men — even gay men — resent working for women? That the idea of a woman boss just rubs us the wrong way? When a woman jokes about cock size, do we consider it more emasculating than when a man does it?

After all, the gays on these shows are employees. They’re working gays, and the housewives are their bosses. They’re not necessarily friends. They’re professionals. And if the boss thinks of her employee as an employee, well, what’s the problem?

Well, to answer our own question, the problem is probably that the women don’t just think of their gay men as employees, they think of them as “gay ornaments” and say mean things about marriage. Well, yeah, that’s an problem. Misogyny can definitely be an issue for gay men — we wince a little every time Sassy Gay Friend says “you stupid bitch” — but you don’t have to hate women to feel uncomfortable with the way the Real Housewives treat gay people.

For example, observing the grill at a gay cookout and commenting “hot dogs … of course” is pretty much the height of idiocy. STRAIGHT PEOPLE EAT HOT DOGS TOO YOU STUPID BITCH.

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