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Is It Sad, Or Hysterical to Watch Maggie Gallagher + Carrie Prejean Play the Victim?

Maggie Gallagher, America’s favorite Mama Bigot, was on hand to introduce Carrie Prejean, America’s favorite Beauty Bigot, at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. today. Yes, that’s where Stephen Baldwin and Bishop Harry Jackson are hanging out spreading the hatred gospel this weekend. If you get off on watching sad people write their own histories as hatemongers, then come along for the ride.

Maggie was there today to prep the crowd for Prejean, a familiar picture, since Maggie has long acted as her defender — even when the Family Research Council was hating on her.

And then came Carrie, invoking her creator to explain why she was on that Miss USA stage: “God chose me for that moment … because He knew that I would not only be the one to stick up for Him and the truth, but he knew that I am strong to get through all of the junk that I have been through.” But wait, there’s more!: “Even though I didn’t win the crown that night, I know that the Lord has so much of a bigger crown in Heaven for me.”

Bless her. Because this girl, and Maggie, are still fronting that they are the victims; that supporters of gay rights are the intolerant ones. That we’re merely having a difference of opinions, rather than one group advocating discrimination against an entire class of people, while the other fights for equal treatment.

See Carrie’s full speech here. We’ll make the popcorn.

(Thanks, Josh!)

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  • Lloyd Baltazar

    What an ARROGANT Bitch! How DARE HER assume that she will go to Heaven & GOD will crown her for her intolerance, homophobia and HYPOCRISY. For those Christian TOPLESS NUDE? PHOTOS? For those anti-Gay hateful speeches? Not even the Pope has the audacity to say that he will enter Heaven or be “crowned”. Have a cup of humility Prejean! Your Christian faith teaches it.

    PLEASE!!!! I DONT BUY this whole emotional “crown” by Carrie Prejean. HELLO!!! Christian TOPLESS homophobic bigot BIMBO?? Can you say HYPOCRITICAL?

    I’m not an asshole but this whole speech is a JOKE! America, why can’t? you see what is wrong with this????

  • Timothy

    I wonder if God also chose her to make titty pics.

  • Brad

    Carrie Prejean is DISGUSTED at how SOME PEOPLE can be SO INTOLERANT!



    Come off it!

  • terrwill

    Maggie: Old Cunt Carrie: Young Cunt

  • stevenelliot

    Maggie can always use the twinkie defense……

  • Dennis

    That’s the thing about evengelical Jeebus freaks, they play the victim card soooo well…biggest fucking drama queens on the planet…absolutely no contest, they really put the gays to shame in that regard.

    I’d almost have to respect their off the charts ‘crocodile tears’ performances…it if they weren’t so evil, twisted and dangerous, and if their ‘kinder and gentler hate’ didn’t inspire, encourage, and endorse more direct hateful actions, abuse, and violence against LGBT’s.


  • hephaestion

    Maggie Gallagher wants to fuck Carrie Prejean so bad she can hardly stand it. Poor old closet case.

  • schlukitz

    @Lloyd Baltazar:

    I’m not an asshole but this whole speech is a JOKE! America, why can’t you see what is wrong with this????

    Because there tens of millions of dumb fucks just like her out there! ;o)

  • InExile

    Poor, Poor Maggie gained another 30 pounds peddling hate, she doesn’t look good, all her hate inside her seems to be taking a toll on her appearance! Preeeeejean is just too stupid and brainwashed to comment on. Oh the glory of the hate parade!

  • will clemens

    Maggie is what the french cal a badly fucked woman.

  • ben

    Carrie is one of those morons who is going to go through her whole life stupid. And she’s so proud of herself. Dear, you didn’t do anything useful, just gave a stupid and bigoted answer at a beauty pageant. A useful idiot for the religious right whackos.

  • gollygeegaygoy

    poor fundies will have to sit in heaven watching prejean flounce around in her extra big crown, with gallaghers tongue lodged up her ass.

  • Landon Bryce

    This makes me think of John Waters’ Polyester, with Maggie cast in the Edith Massey role. I hear her saying over and over in my head, “Pur, pur Prejean.”

  • schlukitz


    I started to watch the Prejean video but had to stop halfway through when I realized that the keys ASDF and JKL; were becoming legible on my forehead. ;>)

  • schlukitz


    They deserve it! LOL

  • Mike Barton

    Lovin’ Maggie’s butch ‘do!

  • Aaron K.

    The truth is that adults ages 18 to 30 overwhelmingly SUPPORT gay rights while adults ages 65 and older overwhelmingly OPPOSE gay rights. If you are against gay marriage, you are in a losing battle my friend. This is a generational matter.

    Gay marriage is going to gain a lot a votes in the 2010s because guess what? Lots of old timers are going to croak-over while newer generations take their place. In your face Maggie Gallagher!

  • Aaron K.

    Did you see her Oscar winning cry at the end of her speech? Comedy gold! The entire speech? is just her congratulating herself and patting herself on the back while using God as her superhero against the horrible gays and their supporters. I cannot fathom how enormous her self-righteous ego is.

  • InExile

    @schlukitz: I was also unable to watch the entire clip, too boring. Preeeeeejean is like a parrot repeating the man/woman thing over and over and over at every interview and offering nothing else.

  • schlukitz


    Well, she is blond, isn’t she? ;>)

  • InExile

    @schlukitz: Is she? Couldn’t that be a dye job? Oh, but she would get lost in the instructions on how to open the bottle. ;)

  • schlukitz


    Couldn’t that be a dye job?

    Well now…there’s a possibility.

    Maybe it’s one of the chemicals in the dye (or bleach) that is permeating her skull and affecting her brain? ;>)

    Oh, but she would get lost in the instructions on how to open the bottle.

    That’s a good one! ROTFLMAO

  • bart

    Wow, Maggie really has the whole victimhood thing down very well. I wonder how much money she’s making beating up the gays.

  • Jason


  • Beck Robertson

    what a fucking cunt…i hope all her children turn out to be gay…

  • Attmay

    @Landon Bryce: Don’t be hatin’ on Miss Edie.

    It must be hard on Miss Thang 1 and Miss Thang 2 having to reinflate their heads every morning.

  • jwalker666

    @Timothy: LMAO….exactly…I hate it when people say “God choose me to do this”. They all pick and choose what to say that “God choose for them”.

  • The Friday Forty

    It’s exhausting watching Maggie Gallagher get every single thing exactly wrong. Go away already.

  • Gillian

    Actually, when you watch Carrie Prejean’s whole speech, she doesn’t come across as arrogant at all. She actually seems rather nice. And you have to admit, the girl is gorgeous, stunning, a total bombshell. No offense to anyone out there.

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