Is Jimmy Kimmel Transphobic or Just A Feminine Hygiene Product?
Our friend Michael Jenson from AfterElton sent us a link to his harangue against late night talker, Jimmy Kimmel. Apparently Jensen didn’t take too kindly to some of Kimmel’s comments on transexuals while interviewing Ugly Betty‘s Rebecca Romijn. Jensen writes:

…[Kimmel] reverted to 5th grade boy behavior while interviewing Rebecca Romijn who plays a transgendered character on Ugly Betty. Kimmel mocked transgendered people by showing photos of various transsexuals like Rene Richards.

Jensen then takes aim at Kimmel’s assertion that trannies can’t be as feminine as Romijn. For her part, Romijn says she’s met more feminine trannies, to which Kimmel says, “No you haven’t”.

We don’t necessarily think Kimmel’s transphobic. We just think he’s a douche. And not just for this – he’s always been a douche and, most likely, he’ll always be a douche. But, that’s just our opinion. Why not watch the video and decide for yourself.

(Even though he’s, again, a douche, we still love his send up of homo-hating Tim Hardaway, starring homo-hero, George Takei.)

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  • Paul Raposo

    I’ve noticed that too many people who appear pro-gay, are also anti-trans. Matt Stone and Trey Parker come to mind.

  • anonymous

    Transphobia sucks. So does misogyny. Don’t use “douche” as an insult. It’s dumb. Why not go with something enema-related? That’s a better look for you.

  • jvm

    so, if sarah silverman made the same comments and showed the same pics that her boyfriend jimmy did, would she be ironic and edgy?

  • Biscuit

    Jimmy’s douchetude knows no bounds. Or, ahem, enema-relatedetude.

  • James G

    Oh, get over it, I watched the video and it wasn’t all that bad. This is yet another instance of hyper-PC-oversensitivity.

    There are, of course, very feminine transsexual women, fantastically beautiful in fact, but you have to admit, he’s largely right… Most of the time it doesn’t turn out all that well… So he makes a joke of it, big sh-t…

    His childish comments were slightly idiotic, but not enough to merit a whole accusatory article… — J.G.

  • mikeoutwest

    Jimmy Kimble is a little dollop of santorum on the late night circuit. And transphobic – totally. Can anyone pull up the video of Eddie Izzard on Kimble – Kimble was such a jackass to Izzard, I stayed tuned in just hoping that Izzard would pop off a heel and beat Kimble’s fat ass.

  • Paul Raposo

    jvm, since I’ve never seen Sarah Silverman, or heard her stand-up, I wouldn’t know if she was ironic, or edgy. However, ridiculing transgendered persons is not funny, no matter who is doing it. And holding up photos of various trans people is beyond the pale, espceially considering what an ugly fuck Kimmel is. He’s the last person who should be casting dispersions on other people’s looks. The fact that Sarah can stand to be near that lardass, so much as fuck him is what’s ironic and edgy.

    James G, you need to get over yourself. Accusing others of being too PC, is the new PC and people like you wallow in your love of the status quo.

    Since most trans people who change are not simply looking for a beauty that attracts hets like you and Jimmy Kimmel, but rather they want to attain the gender they’ve always felt they really were. Seeking the female “look” is important, but not the end all and be all for most transgendered persons.

    And lastly, until you become editor of this blog, your opinion on what merits an article doesn’t mean shit. I think you and all of us are welcome to comment on the various topics presented here. But I seriously doubt anyone at Queerty–or their readers–could give a flying fuck what a douch like you thinks about the blog’s content.

    I think Cord Jefferson needs to stop directing his readers over here. We’re having to deal with a large number of shitheads lately

  • Leo Rosas

    Eddie Izzard was never on the Jimmy “Kimble” Show

  • Comrade Thomas

    I am gay and I HATE transexuals. They are embarrassing clowns.

  • Denise

    JamesG — You might think differently if it were YOUR child brutally murdered because she had a penis. Some people won’t see the humor in such a joke; I’m sorry you do.

    Hate is such a powerful word Thomas. I hope you’re using it wisely. I’m transsexual (and gay) and I don’t hate you, despite the obvious evidence of your being an embarrassing clown.

  • Mikhaela Reid

    I’d say totally transphobic. Especially that awful joke about killing transsexuals with an ax. Plenty of pro-gay people are very anti-trans. He’s doing the same thing he mocked Hardaway for.

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