Is Jimmy Kimmel Transphobic or Just A Feminine Hygiene Product?
Our friend Michael Jenson from AfterElton sent us a link to his harangue against late night talker, Jimmy Kimmel. Apparently Jensen didn’t take too kindly to some of Kimmel’s comments on transexuals while interviewing Ugly Betty‘s Rebecca Romijn. Jensen writes:

…[Kimmel] reverted to 5th grade boy behavior while interviewing Rebecca Romijn who plays a transgendered character on Ugly Betty. Kimmel mocked transgendered people by showing photos of various transsexuals like Rene Richards.

Jensen then takes aim at Kimmel’s assertion that trannies can’t be as feminine as Romijn. For her part, Romijn says she’s met more feminine trannies, to which Kimmel says, “No you haven’t”.

We don’t necessarily think Kimmel’s transphobic. We just think he’s a douche. And not just for this – he’s always been a douche and, most likely, he’ll always be a douche. But, that’s just our opinion. Why not watch the video and decide for yourself.

(Even though he’s, again, a douche, we still love his send up of homo-hating Tim Hardaway, starring homo-hero, George Takei.)