Maggie-GallagherWTF? Maggie Gallagher just admitted she doesn’t think of herself as a heterosexual.

In a rambling new blog post, littered with very poor syntax and excessive verbiage, the NOM co-founder writes:

Here’s my view: When Christians tell me that homosexuality is “socially constructed” and therefore not a “real” permanent feature of human existence, I generally respond “I know gay people exist the same way that I know that Methodists exist. I’ve met them.”

In other words, not all categories that are real are founded on fixed unchangeable essences. Sexual orientation as a concept is a way of organizing “given reality” (sexual attraction) into a communal identity, the strongest kind.  It is therefore not at all like race, and but rather more akin to religion.

Such deep and profound wisdom.

The sage continues:

I never ever think of myself as a heterosexual, nonetheless my own ideas about my experience of sexuality (“we are born male and female and called to come together in love in this thing called marriage”) are core enough to my identity and my sense of what is required for communal good that I am willing to suffer rather than renounce them, if necessary. They are not positions I hold, they are part of who I am.

Hold up! Did Maggie Gallagher, crusader for homophobia, just admit to possibly being a lesbian?

No. Not at all.

She just doesn’t label herself as a heterosexual. But she still is one, by definition, and she’s willing to make a martyr of herself over it “if necessary.”

Now we can’t help but wonder… If she believes this strongly about her own heterosexuality, does she think it’s possible for gays and lesbians to feel similarly about their homosexuality?

“I do not have strong feelings” she writes towards the end of her blog post.

Which begs the question: Why the hell did she feel the need to write this nonsense?

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